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Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal descends from a long and distinquished lineage of Barcelonan and Spanish perfumers. He represents the fourth generation of the House of Myrurgia, which was the official purveyor to the Spanish royal family and was the most important international perfume company in Spain。 After Master Perfumer and authentic Nose, Ramon Monegal’s challenge became twofold. First, he sought to produce excellence in a way only a luxury product can do. His PROJECT is a genuine true author’s project that combines craftsmanship with cutting edge technology and is based on the values of classical perfumery: originality, exclusivity to reach customisation or unique pieces, with message and aesthetics Here he opened my perfume lab and his own shop as an art gallery for fragrances. He, personally INVOLVED throughout the fragrance development process from procurement of essential oils, mixing them according to my formula, maceration, to filtration, packaging and conditioning.

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