5 Things You Need to Know About Massage Guns

Massage gun is hype among bodybuilder as a holy grail to alleviate muscle soreness and post-workout fatigue. Even our No.1 swimmer Siobhan Bernadette Haughey loves using it after swimming to relieve muscle stiffness. So, is it athletes-exclusive? Absolutely not! From housewives working on chores everyday to OLs sitting in front of computers all day long, the repeated muscle movements may lead to muscle tension, so muscles soreness or frozen shoulders will occur.

Normally, one massage gun costs between HK$1,000 to HK$3,000. Thus, before snagging one home, you’d better know more about it. Improper use of a massage gun can lead to injury or, at best, a waste of money. I have compiled 5 common questions of massage guns, so you will get the most out of your massage gun with its theory and uses.

Common question #1: Why a massage gun helps relax tight muscles?

By using vibration therapy, the high vibration frequency will increase the muscle temperature and accelerate the blood flow around sore areas, allowing deep tissue to relax, alleviating muscle fatigue and shifting your muscles into recovery mode.

You may be confused that Thai massage can do the same. However, our muscles are elastic with layers, hand-massage only lies on the epidermal layer instead of deep tissue, there is nothing to really go deeper into the muscles and get more done. Therefore, you may want to switch to a deep tissue massage gun instead. 

Common question #2: How to pick the best-fit massage gun?

There are oodles of these devices on the market which are more or less the same in terms of function, main differences lie on the vibration frequency, intensity, accessories (like massage heads) and the noise produced during use etc.

Featuring with 4 massage heads , the Hong Kong Zikko, Dr.Rock Air Bian Stone Far Infrared Warm Compress Physiotherapy is also infused with traditional Bian Stone heating therapy. Wait, what is Bian Stone heating therapy? It is an ancient, mild traditional Chinese medicinal therapy that helps modulate qi and blood flow, curing all kinds of soft tissue injuries, especially Cervical spondylosis and acute and chronic low back pain.

This massage gun has garnered over 80% positive comments on online review, some even claimed that “it treated my frozen shoulder” and “the heating massage head alleviated my body pain” etc. I always sit in office over 9 hours a day and my tense and tight muscles are really loosen after 10min use. Above that all, it emits infrared ray which is beneficial to body. 


Common question #3: How to use a massage gun?

First step: To start with, you have to choose the best massage intensity. If you are new to massage gun, you should first start with the lowest vibration frequency and wait until your body has adapted to the vibration, you can increase the intensity bits by bits. Do not use the highest level in the very first beginning as your muscles may not withstand it and may cause injury. Adjust the intensity properly is always the best and safest way to use a massage gun.

Second step: Place the massage head onto skin and move it up and down slowing around your arms or legs. Do not put it onto sore areas as massaging around the areas are more effective to assuage your muscle pain.

Third step: Since the vibration frequency is so high that you do not need to linger it on the same area for too long. Aiming it on sore muscles for 30s to 1 min will be pretty enough. If it exceeds 1 min, it may lead to muscle injury instead. 

Common question #4: The more time used with massage gun, the better the result? 

Feeling painful during massage does not mean it is working well. Just like time, the more time used with massage gun does not mean to have better result. Using it for too long time may lead to injury as well. So, do not use a massage gun for more than 15min.

Common question #5: Which areas should I avoid when using the massage gun?

Do not use it on bony areas or those with many nerves, such as elbow, knee, neck and spine, etc., to prevent it causing nerve damage. Moreover, if your skin is wounded or inflammatory, you should not use massage gun onto those areas neither. All in all, massage gun is used to alleviate tight and tense muscles, not to soothe a wounded area.


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