Zikko : The At-home Massage Gun You Can Use to Ease Sore Muscles with Bianstone

Though many Hong Kongers are now working from home, it may bring you a possible health problem. If you don’t know how to sit properly, it may cause you back pain, stiff neck or even getting worse after a long time.


I have suffered from back pain since the beginning of WFH period. Thanks to my TCM practitioner, I have undergone an electric cupping therapy that promoted my blood circulation and eased my muscle pain. He also suggested me to use more massage gun to improve the tightness of muscles and all kinds of muscle soreness. Since then, I have tried the Hong Kong Zikko Dr.Rock Air Bian Stone Far Infrared Warm Compress Physiotherapy, in which its Bianstone heating therapy has indeed soothed my muscle pain! Now, my family and I have to take turns when we binge-watch at home!


Hong Kong Local Health Technology Brand

Founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, Zikko has more than 10 years experience of independent innovation and R & D, design, manufacturing experience of high-tech electronic products, not to mention its various innovations, appearance patents, international design awards etc. On top of that, they are the Thunderbolt high-speed data transmission technology partners of Intel Corporation and Apple in the United States as well. In 2010, Zikko has also received the "Made for iPhone" qualification certificate. All of the above show that their prescient revolutionary technology can lead the technological products go further. 


Appearance On The Global Stage

Since the economic boom in the 1970s and 1980s, Hong Kong products have garnered reputation internationally, and even once became a trend maker that overseas people were so keen to buy products labelled “Made in Hong Kong”. Today in 2022, not only are Zikko products sold in Hong Kong, but are also seen in various airlines including Cathay Pacific, ANA and Singapore Airlines, allowing foreigners to shop their local high-quality designs and products easily and conveniently.


International Safety Certification

Zikko products have obtained many safety certifications from international associations, including EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) certification, EU CE-EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) and US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) medical device certifications, etc. ensuring the products can be used with 100% safety.



Long-standing Bianstone Therapy

Bianstone therapy has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. It helps promote and regulate Qi and blood circulation, particularly treats various soft tissue injuries, especially cervical spondylosis, acute and chronic low back pain, and skin diseases such as abscess. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that Bianstone therapy is mild with low-irritation, which can reconcile yin and yang, replenish qi and blood, whilst strengthening the functions of internal organs, thereby restoring your physical and mental health.


Today, Zikko integrates the traditional Bianstone therapy into their modern massager, allowing you to enjoy the at-home ancient massage therapy any time.


Favorable reviews from users

I am not the only one to reckon that this Zikko Dr.Rock Air Bian Stone Far Infrared Warm Compress Physiotherapy helps soothe my muscle pains, many more real users have agreed that “this product can treat my frozen shoulder” and “the heating massage heads help relieve my body pain” etc. It has garnered over 80% of positive reviews online, definitely a must-have holy grail! If you are too busy and not able to visit the massage parlour or fly to Thailand and enjoy their signature Thai massage, why not bring this experience into the comfort of your own home today?


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