The Best Sonic Toothbrushes from Zenyum!

I bet we are all more alert on our personal hygiene since the pandemic starts but do you forget your oral condition when putting on your face mask all the time? Have you ever thought that your daily teeth brushing routine is enough to maintain your dental health? I have recently tried a cult-favorite Singaporean dental beauty brand Zenyum, apart from braces, its sonic brushes are so high-performance too!

Zenyum Sonic™ Toothbrush, available in 3 fashionable shades 

As a big fan of design and packaging, I am attracted by its design. It is available in black, white and pink colors and I am sure everyone will be obsessed with its minimal yet chic appearance! 



Recommend by professional dentists


It is more than its eye-catching appearance, the toothbrush can vibrate over 33,000 times per minute which will create micro-foaming and fine pressure waves to precisely remove bacteria and stains between teeth and gums - 21% more dental plaque to be wiped off than using a manual toothbrush. On top of that, it is highly recommended by professional dentists, very suitable for people who drink coffee and milk tea all the time - no wonder I feel cleaner after using it!

I particularly love its 3 cleaning modes after trial, including Clean, Gentle and White, plus its automatic 2-minute timer, allowing you to brush your teeth with the best period of time for a clean yet whitening result.


Replace the sonic brush head with no fuss


Dentists suggest that a toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months, especially when your brush head splits but it does cost a lot indeed. Good news is you can just buy a new brush head for replacement instead of purchasing a whole new sonic tooth brush, so you can save your money whilst maintaining your oral health. 




Sidekick - ZenyumFresh™ Day! & Night Toothpaste 


If you crave for clean yet whitening teeth, try to bring this set home - featuring the aforementioned Sonic™ Toothbrush and UK-made ZenyumFresh™ Day! & Night Toothpaste. This Fresh™ Toothpastes Day!+ Night Set is different from the others as it includes Day and Night toothpastes which address different oral needs in daytime and nighttime. Day! contains a papaya enzyme that brightens your teeth whilst reducing tartar. On the contrary, the Night toothpaste is infused with ultra fine-grade activated charcoal to polish off any stains from your day and appease your sensitive teeth. This perfect duo is the best-selling item to get your teeth whitened, promise!




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