7 Travel Essentials You Should Buy Before Getting on Board!

Finally, the compulsory quarantine arrangement is lifted! After the stay-Home-Kong for 3 years, many people can’t wait to book overseas trips. After the excitement of confirming flight tickets and hotels, remember to prepare all sorts of beauty goodies to prevent any skin issues to appear during the journey as your long-waited trip will be wreaked havoc if your skin is irritated.

Best Travel Essential #1: CURAPROX Travel Set for Teeth Cleaning Tools 


If you are having long-haul flight, remember to bring your own toothbrush! I have once tried that there was no complimentary toothbrush when I had a long flight! Result? I had my bad breath for 12 hours and forced to eat my breakfast without brushing my teeth. What a nightmare! Thus, remember to bring your own set of toothbrush and toothpaste if you are going to be above the clouds for a long time. 

Curaprox is a Switzerland brand and highly recommended by professional dentists from the Europe and America. This Travel Set includes a CS5460 travel toothbrush, BE YOU toothpaste and CPS prime interdental brushes, helping you to clear up all the oral hidden dirts. Your mouth will stay fresh even after 16-hour long flight to the US!


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Best Travel Essential #2: AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Moments of Discovery (Mini Collection)


Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are my must-have items to travel as those provided by hotels are generally so-so, leaving my skin dry after shower. Aromatherapy Associates mini bath and shower oils are infused with natural botanical oils, serving up a powerful hydration result. You won’t have stripped feeling even you turn the air-conditioner on for long.

Above that all, it brings you an A-grade sleep, eases your muscle fatigue whilst relaxing your body and soul. Jet lag who? 


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It is totally a nightmare if you have jet lag as it just wastes your precious time!  Bring along the Slip Beauty Sleep Silky Pillowcase for its highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk. Everybody will have sweet dream in no time once sleeping on this silky smooth pillowcase. It is celebrity-adored that Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Hailey Biber and Victoria Beckham are all its loyal fans because they reckon that its pillowcases bring them a 6-star hotel experience. 

Perhaps you plan to stay over in hostel to save money, but at least, shop a silky pillowcase to pamper yourself and dream a good dream ok?



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Best Travel Essential #4: SLIP PURE SILK SLEEP MASK

Aside from pillowcae, you should also buy its sleep mask. Some may have sleeping problems with new beds, then you might need a silky smooth sleep mask to block out all the lights, helping you to fall asleep with no fuss.

You may worry that sleep mask will wipe away the moisturiser and eye cream but the answer is no with SLIP PURE SILK SLEEP MASK. It won’t buff away your skincare products, what’s more, it will leave your eye area more delicate yet supple. The next morning, you will find your eyes area is still so plumped and dark circles are even corrected.


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Best Travel Essential #5: Letzshop Exclusive set - HAAN Hand Sanitizer Pocket + Refill Set 

We are used to sanitise everything these 3 years. Thus, it is no doubt that we will sanitise the chairs, table and blankets when we get on board for sure. Infused with 65% alcohol, the Haan Hand Sanitizers are clinically tested in Germany to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Blended with super moisturising ingredient aloe vera, it makes it not only 99.9% effective, but also pampers your hands. Formulated with natural vegan ingredients, it is irritants-free, so it is perfect for those suffering from eczema and Contact Dermatitis. 

Here is the Haan Hand Sanitizer Pocket + Refill Set. When it is used up, you can refill it on your own to help save our planet! Total volume is 230ml and it is definitely enough for your whole trip!


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Best Travel Essential #6: PROTECTOR DAILY 3D Face Mask 

I have tried so many face masks from different brands these three years and Protector is one of my most favourite! First, it is made of soft material that my skin feels breathable when I wear it. It perfectly hugs my face without tugging my ears and making it protective all the time. In addition, its wide range of colors is the bonus of all! The soft, pastel colors with grey undertone make them a good accessory to match with my different styles, making it the best styling item!

The newly launched DAILY 3D Face Mask is more comfortable than the previous flat design. Its thin and breathable material is so comfy that won’t take off any makeup. Remember to make your outfits and face masks matchy-matchy for more IG-able photos in your trip!


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Just like what I said, you might have travel’s skin - skin issues like allergy, redness during the adventure. Originated from the America, the vegan brand Six Gldn’s On The Glow Mini Collection Set includes 5 skincare products, namely Botanical Cleansing Gel for deep cleansing, Botanical Toner for cleansing, calming and smoothing, Daily Vitamin C Radiance Serum for anti-aging, Essential Moisturizer for unparalleled moisturization and Nourishing Face Oil for anti-oxidising. It caters your skin needs perfectly with all skincare regimes in one go,

You don’t have to worry what you have missed as you have all in one On the Go Bag already! 


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