5 Yoga-pants-supplements for Perfect Body Shape

“Yoga pants” is the subject of many internet fights in the city recently. All men think that camel toe and panty lines will show up when wearing tight-fitting yoga pants. Some of them might also think that Hong Kong girls wearing pants will only show their demerits as generally they don’t have a big butt or perfect body shape, so it is a big no-no to wear these tight leggings when going out in the world!

On the contrary, women reckon that yoga pants are so comfortable and convenient as they don’t have to bring one more outfit to get changed once they are out. Besides, yoga pants are perfect to match with hiking and daily looks whilst they deliver an illusion of longer legs, not to mention the pants are easy to mix-and-match with endless styles! All of them make yoga pants so popular among the girls lately!


But, love ’em or hate ’em, there’s one thing indisputable - transform your body before wearing them. Aside from workouts, I suggest you to take some diet supplements or replacements as well, allowing you to burn your belly fat. You must look gorgeous with a firming abs when you put your yoga pants on!

Best-pick #1: Letzshop Exclusive set - Allklear Detox Future Salad 

Allklear is a futuristic food-tech company and its hero product “Detox Future Salad” is developed by a team of medical specialists, nutritionists, scientists with 10 years effort. Suitable for those aiming losing weight, improving health and suffering from skin problems, as its exclusive pure, natural formula serves up detoxification, slimming and heart protection.

Each sachet has an equivalent nutritional content to 5 bowls of salads. I don’t feel any leafy taste but full after one sachet. When your excess intestinal waste is cleaned out, you will naturally regain your slim waist. Ok, good news is Letzshop Exclusive set - Allklear Detox Future Salad (7 sachets) 3+1 set is Letzshop exclusive and the best deal in city! Long story short, it costs around $210/box in average with a complimentary 300ml water bottle. Sure it is the top priority item to shop for all healthy girls!


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Best-pick #2: AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake - Chocolate/Vanilla


AdvoCare is an American health brand and they have their own Medical Advisory Committee and the Sports Advisory Committee which include many professional doctors and fitness trainers. Therefore, their products combine medical, scientific and sports evidence to make consumers feel safer when use.

You do feel full after drinking milkshake in those fast-food shop right? This portable Meal Replacement Shake brings you a satiety with only 20 calories! Supercharged with proteins, carbohydrates and various fibre blends, these core nutrients are enough for your daily use whilst helping you to control your weight. Weight loss? Easy peasy!

Belly fat is caused by fat accumulation. Thus, if you want to wear your favourite yoga pants without bulge in the front, you definitely need to have a diet control with abs-toning workout! The aforementioned meal replacement is just a supporting role, only meal replacements and lack of exercise will not bring you a healthy body and difficult to completely wreak havoc on stubborn belly fat. Remember exercise and diet are the golden ways to lose weight!



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Best-pick #3: GOGOOD Whey Protein Concentrate - Organic Vanilla Everyday Whey

“Protein powder” is not exclusive to those body builders. Not only does it help build up your muscles, it is also the origin of protein so you can take in adequate nutrition to fulfil your everyday needs, namely promoting metabolism, reducing appetite, lowering blood pressure and strengthening healthy hair etc.

Western girls love adding the whey protein powder into their daily diet as it helps control their appetite by feeling full whilst promoting muscle build-up. With the help of adequate exercise, your perfect body will be back in no time! Go Good Whey Protein from New Zealand is so popular among their people as it has used 100% friesian dairy cows and natural fruits, blended with European golden pea from France and Belgium, in which all these natural organic ingredients have undergone a strict test to ensure its safety. 



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Best-pick #4: Onecare CelloFIT™ Fat Burner & Body Reshaper Supplement 

If you want to speed up your weight loss progress, aside from eating the meal replacements recommended above, you can also choose the nutritional supplements that specifically fight off visceral fat. These nutritional supplements are more effectively to focus on burning fat, prevent the accumulation of visceral fat, and even improve the obesity problem caused by hormonal imbalance, it is very suitable for girls if you crave for a significant result.

Recently, I have tried the Singaporean wellness brand Onecare, their flagship product Onecare CelloFIT™ Fat Burner & Body Reshaper Supplement boasts to work in 8 weeks only! I used to take in 2 pills before meals (4 pills if you want a more obvious result), my waistline stays after all the feasts around Mid-Autumn Festival which surprised me! It is tried and true that I would like to recommend to all those sit more in office but do less exercise. You will know that losing belly fat is not rocket science.


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Best-pick #5: Depuravita Feed&fit Plus 

If you pursue weight loss as well as baby skin, you can try this Italian healthy brand Depuravita. All the products are formulated as super concentrated factor with pure plant-based nutrients. Combining with various super food, they can purify and strengthen your body and skin, making them the must-have oral beauty products among the western women.

"Feed&fit Plus" is an all-natural weight control supplement. It is caffeine- and stimulant-free. Packed with Moringa and Acai, it boosts up your body energy whilst promoting metabolic rate. In meanwhile, it is formulated with an all-natural appetite suppressant to accelerate your weight loss progress while helping the fat burning.

What I am thrilled is that it makes the lipase to stop breaking down fat molecules, so they are directly excreted with food residues, allowing you to detoxify and lose weight in a healthy way.


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