The 5 Benefits You Should Know About Ylang Ylang

Whether you are a professional “nose” or not, you must have seen the name “Ylang Ylang” in perfume ingredient list or essential oil blend. If you still have no idea, just recall back the scent of cult-favourite Chanel No.5 perfume as its top note is exactly Ylang Ylang! Today, I will give you a lesson about the origin of this exotic scent and its oil benefits, side effects, uses etc, so you will be more familiar with this relaxing aromatic scent!


Origin of Ylang Ylang

Its name is originated from English “Ylang Ylang”. It is native to tropical areas and is known as “Flower of the flower”. In traditional Indonesian culture, the newlyweds will put the Ylang Ylang petals on their bed.


The Ylang Ylang essential oil is extracted by steam distillation and smells rich yet sweet with exotic touch, no wonder it becomes the common note in perfume industry!


Benefit #1 Aphrodisiac & Relax

Its sweet and erotic scent is so flowery and earthy which makes female more seductive and appealing. Some folk rumours said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra liked using the ylang ylang essential oil scent for aphrodisiac use to attract the lovers. This is why some people choose this for an erotic massage too as it will boost one’s mood and so to stimulate sexual desire.


Benefit #2 Relieve Stress

The ylang ylang essential oil is effective in relieving stress and alleviating anxiety, so some will put drops of it into an aromatic diffuser or bath tub as a sedative treatment.

Aroma Diffuser recommendation: Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser


Benefit #3 Hair-care

The Southeast Asia women often use ylang ylang essential oil to massage their scalp to promote black yet volumised hair growth. Thus, if you suffer from dry hair or hair loss, try to use it for conditioning and shine whilst it promotes your hair growth too!


Benefit #4 Skin-care

Ylang ylang essential oil provides skincare result that helps balance oil secretion, calm and nourish whilst acts as anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant. Therefore, either if you have dry or oily skin, you can choose those skincare products infused with ylang ylang too.
Editor’s pick: Botany Aromatherapy Hydrating Creme (Olibanum, Rosewood & Ylang Ylang) 100g


Benefit #5 Regulate endocrine

Ylang ylang works to regulate endocrine and balance your hormones. Some women will mix it with other essential oils to nourish their uterus and deal with fibroids. However, if you are already diagnosed a disease, you’d better consult doctor before use.



Though ylang ylang is so beneficial to our health but some precautions you have to aware of to avoid the side effects.


  1. Don’t use it on inflammatory and allergic skin. Use before consulting dermatologists.
  2. Not suitable for people with weak nervous system.
  3. Don’t overdose. Refer to the product instructions for the amount of use.
  4. Use with caution for children or women in early pregnancy.
  5. Don’t use unknown ylang ylang essential oils (please refer to the recommendations below)


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