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For those having sensitive skin or suffering from eczema, finding products to care can be a challenge as most skincare products in market contain chemical ingredients such as artificial fragrances, preservatives and alcohol etc which may increase the likelihood of your skin reacting, causing redness or inflammation. With reference of The Huffington Post published in 2013, over 60% of skincare products will be soaked into skin whilst some of their ingredients will penetrate directly into blood vessels or other organs. Skin is the biggest organ of the body, so despite which skin type of you, choosing the correct products is so important. Suffering from sensitive and eczema skin for years, I must choose natural and organic products to ensure their safety and cause no burden to skin.

▲ Heckfield Place in Hampshire

Recently, I found an English skincare brand Wildsmith which blends both nature and science together. Its jaw-dropping skincare benefits and compostable packaging are so appealing to me. Its story started from the late nineteenth century, the progressive botanist William Wildsmith created the gardens and arboretum of Heckfield Place in Hampshire, England where becomes home to Wildsmith Skin now. And the woods there are the constant source of inspiration and wonder to the brand. By combing the derived bioactive, botanicals and minerals, a natural yet high performance skincare is born. As a clean beauty brand, not only does it aim to offering top-notch skincare products but also promotes eco-sustainability to make simple steps towards a better and more sustainable environment.

Its packaging is mainly black and white and made of recycling materials, so minimal yet sophisticated. In addition, ranging from the product names to the layout design of benefits and ingredients printed, it has put a lot of effort into it that fills you with unparalleled levels of joy. Simply putting the product at home can act as a perfect home decoration too!



Being a hero product, this cleansing balm has earned quite a lot of beauty awards already. Blended with 8 luxurious botanical oils and 2 fatty acids such as Rosehip Oil which improves skin tone and Meadowfoam Seed Oil which slows moisture loss as well as Calendula Oil relieving acne and soothing skin irritation plus antioxidant Kukui Butter etc. One balm serves up deep cleansing, nurturing, smoothing and protection in one go.


Its jelly-like and rich but has no greasy feel at all. The oil-based formula is so easy to blend. Warm 2-3 spoons of balm on fingertips, smooth it on to dry skin and gently massage over the face, eyes and neck. Add warm water to the balm to turn it to milk and effectively lift the impurities. Rinse well or remove with warm damp cloths and pat dry. The mild cleansing experience won’t bring you tight feeling. I have one more tips that you can leave it for 30mins before massage, the deep cleansing result will be even better!


I have tried other cleansing balms before but this works the best as it can remove both the waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Bonus is its texture is so fresh and not greasy, I don’t feel like pores clogging. Plus, its ingredients are much more natural - the delicious scents of sage, rosemary, cedar and frankincense essential oils are so mind-soothing.




In Wildsmith Skin spa treatment, the practitioner will first use the cleansing balm mentioned above to clean your face. The next step is using this exfoliator for removing dead, dull skin cells and unclogging pores. Now, you can stay Hong Kong and experience the British-styled spa! With a bit oat-smell, the physical exfoliants are so fine that buff away dead cells gently.


This dual action exfoliator is formulated with both AHAs and PHAs which can remove and buff away the dead skin cells and the sebum clogged inside pores. These two acids are so mild that some people may have a bit tingly feeling but no worries as it’s actually working - sweeping away the dead skin cells and revitalising your skin, you will soon feel nothing!


One point to add, it is infused with Bromelain enzyme which is derived from Pineaple Fruit Extract to reduce inflammation and leaves skin with a radiant glow. Use it once or twice a week to transform your skin into a baby-soft one!




Wildsmith Skin calls it as “A facial in a jar” as it is infused with rich minerals. The actives, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and cleansing clays leave the complexion clear, revitalised and radiant. Despite its rich texture, it’s easy to be slathered on face evenly.


I bet every girl loves its renowned hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid as it is a powerful humectant to draw in moisture to skin. Another ingredient Bentonite Clay referred as the healing clay is naturally rich in magnesium, iron, calcium etc to help remove impurities and gently aid skin repair.


By comparing it with other clay masks, I think this one is richer which won’t cause any dryness and uncomfortable feeling which is basically unheard of when it comes to clay masks.



When we come to age 25+, we start to use anti-aging serum and cream as the sooner you use, the better prevention from appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I have given it a try and it really won me over by its botanical scent and benefits! The blend of aloe vera leaf juice, orange blossom water and sweet almond oil makes your home a bit spa-like that soothes your mind with just a small amount of it.


Usually, anti-aging serum is transparent is color but this one is milky like, the minute it meets the skin, it soaks into it and becomes colorless. The rich and non-greasy texture helps build a natural barrier to skin to combat the environmental pollutants. What hits me most is that it’s formulated with powerful Peptide which can penetrate into deeper skin layers to increase the production of collagen and elastin, keeping skin more elastic and firmer as well as slowing down the aging process.


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