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How to Choose a Makeup-remover: Balm vs Water vs Oil

Makeup removal is one of my cardinal rules of skincare as the makeup residues and sebum clogged in pores will minimise the benefits of the skincare products, meaning that you are wasting your money and time. 

 Comparing with micellar waters and cleansing oils, I prefer cleansing balms to remove all traces of my makeup. The former yes, it is convenient but it’s always used with a cotton wipe which is indeed troublesome for me this lazy girl. Besides, normally micellar waters couldn’t take off the makeup easily in one go, you usually require a few more swipes to get everything off, especially for foundation and waterproof eye makeup. Moreover, often tugging at your face with cotton wipes may cause irritation to your skin and the appearance of fine lines. Thus, if possible, I will never choose micellar waters to melt off my makeup. 


Cleansing oil is far better than micellar waters as it can always dissolve the waterproof makeup with no fuss! But, the only bad point is the oil-based formula can easily cause acnes and breakouts. I have already had maskne problem as I wear face masks all the time amidst this pandemics, I couldn’t bear anymore pimples on my face!


That’s why I always love cleansing balm which is so powerful and formulated with mild formula that won’t cause any acnes and breakouts. Most of the cleansing balms are rich in texture, so for combination skins, your skin will never be stripped dry after the cleansing process. I recently have tried using the British natural organic brand Wildsmith Skin, this vegan brand has combined the plant-based butters and essential oils for their products. Plus, their botanical oil scent will put you on cloud nine.

Wildsmith Skin Hero Cleansing Balm 

As the iconic product of Wildsmith Skin, Wildsmith Skin Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm has earned many beauty awards already. It blends with 8 luxurious botanical oils and 2 fatty acids such as Rosehip Oil which improves skin tone and Meadowfoam Seed Oil which locks moisture as well as Calendula Oil that relieves acne and soothes skin irritation, plus the antioxidant Kukui Butter etc. With just one balm, it serves up deep cleansing, nourishing, smoothing and protection in one go.

Now, let’s try this Wildsmith Skin hero Cleansing Balm on and experience its cleansing power!


The First Step:

Keep your hands and face dry before using the cleansing balm. Then scoop out 2-3 dollops by Wildsmith Skin complimentary spatula and smooth them onto makeup. The eyeliner I have been using is so waterproof that it won’t melt even I cry for the miserable plots in a movie. Let’s see if it works to wipe it off!


The Second Step:

Massage the makeup area gently with hands to help break down most of the makeup. Then add a bit water for emulsification and turn it into milky form. This step is so paramount that it can penetrate deep into pores and dissolve all the makeup residues and pollutants in every single pore. You can then use cleanser to wash your face as a double cleansing. But sometimes if you are too busy or going on a staycation, you can simply use toner after this emulsification cleansing process. 

Basically you can see most of the makeup is buffed away after a gentle massage. 

The Third Step:

At last, rinse it thoroughly with water to rinse away all the makeup residues. I feel so satisfied with its cleansing powder. Its hero jelly texture is so fresh that I don’t feel greasy at all and your pores won’t be suffocated. It leaves your skin so moisturised as if there’s a thin layer covering it up like a natural barrier. Blended with sage, rosemary, cedar, frankincense and other essential oils, it is a spa-worthy experience in that 5mins time!


Two volumes packaging:

There are 100ml & 200ml to choose from, so if you purchase the 200ml one, $145 will be saved in your pocket! Wildsmith Skin is a clean beauty brand that delivered directly from the UK to Hong Kong and I can’t help to add it into cart right after the trial! It can’t go wrong to bring the 200ml home!


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