Benefits of Pearl Powder Mask and How to Use

Pearl Powder is the holy grail of every girl, even the Chinese artists Fan BingBing, Gao YuanYuan and Kay Tse etc love integrating pearl powder into their daily beauty routine. Pearl powder can be used topically or orally with many skincare benefits, however, pearl powder with different grades can cost differently. I have recently tried the iconic Facial Powder - Pearl Powder from the local brand Welcome Snowy, perfect for budget-buyers! If you have been spending your whole life pursuing for a whitening skin tone like Snow White, you can give it a try like I did!


There are various facial powders from this brand and all of them are formulated with different TCM recipes. You can choose your powder according to your special needs:

  • Pearl Powder - whitening, deep cleansing of pores
  • Fresh Complexion Powder - correcting pale skin tone, blood circulation, preventing from hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • Pox Powder - toning, skin detoxification, preventing acne whilst treating acne
  • Babai Powder - softening and hydrating, correcting skin tone

What I chose was the hero best-seller Pearl Powder. Formulated with 100% external pearl powder and freshly made in Hong Kong, all of its ingredients are natural without preservatives. Also known as “Pore Vacuum”, it is perfect for me with dark skin tone and sensitive skin.





Use of Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Pearl Powder:

First, get yourself prepared with a container and mask brush and take a certain amount of facial powder. I scooped around 10g for my face size.

Add water with 1:1 ratio and stir it until a thick paste forms. Remember to add water drops by drops to create the perfect thickness or it will be difficult to slather it on face if it is too watery. You can also use a little bit honey or Welcome Snowy Osmanthus Golden Court Lotion for mixing, moisturising result will be doubled up!


The perfect paste texture should be with moisture but semi-curd which will not drop when placing on face.


Spread on face with mask brush evenly. 


Leave on until the mask is 70% dry (around 10mins), rinse it off throughly. If you feel it dry out too fast after 5 mins, you can spritz the Osmanthus Golden Court Lotion or other hydrating mist on face for additional hydration.


Reviews after using Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Pearl Powder

  1. Reasonably priced!
  2. Refined pearl powder without grains
  3. All-rounded benefits like whitening, reducing dark spot, deep cleansing, buffing away excessive dead cells, removing blackheads, calming skin or reducing oil secretion etc 
  4. Instant brightening and luminous results
  5. No cracks on mask after dry out
  6. Natural formula without any allergic symptoms (you may try it on inner arm or back of ear for allergy test before slathering on face)
  7. You can add the flower water for freshness instead of honey if you are not a fan of sticky feeling. 


Remarks: I used the old package for trial with same formula, benefits as new package. New Package is lighter in weight and more durable.


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