Welcome snowy - The Best TCM-Infused Beauty Products for Inside-out Radiance

When we talk about skin-care, many beauty products or facial treatments are proud of their western technology or clinical techniques and emphasize their effectiveness and efficacy but in other way round, they may be too superficial in some circumstances. As time passes by, I start to take a close look at the ingredient lists on each beauty product when I age. I try to avoid those blended with so many chemical substances whilst hope to tackle my skin problems from deep within. Therefore, aside from consulting Chinese Medicine Practitioner and healthy diets, I have been keeping an eye on TCM-Infused beauty products


Of course it’s not a brand new buzz word of Chinese medicine-infused beauty product. Zooming back to the ancient days,  Empress Dowager Cixi used to pamper her skin with the secret recipe of palace. Her whitening face mask was blended with 19 Chinese herbs such as White Poria, Angelica, White Aconite etc to reduce dark spots and moisturise her skin. Today, we the busy city dwellers can’t spare that much time to produce the face mask with 19 Chinese herbs but what is left for us?


Welcome Snowy’s Chinese Medicine Facial Powder

Producing traditional face mask powder in Hong Kong locally, Welcome Snowy combines the natural herbs and modern wisdom to form a 100% natural TCM-infused facial powder without additives. With different blends, you can condition your skin from the very first beginning - mix the powder with water and slather the paste onto face for whitening, hydrating, oil control, and combating red skin etc. Give them a try if you are pro-Clean Beauty!


Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Pearl Powder —— Deep pore cleansing

“A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.” Thus, women will do their best to make them look brightened, even the Chinese artists Fan BingBing, Gao YuanYuan and Kay Tse etc love integrating pearl powder into their daily beauty routine. This Pearl Powder is also named as “Pore Vacuum” which is the hero product of the brand! Infused with 100% finely ground pearl powder (for external use), it serves up brightening and deep cleansing whilst reducing dark spots and enhancing the oil-balance.



Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Babai Powder —— Brightening

If you crave for a porcelain-white skin, this Babai Powder will fill you with unparalleled levels of joy! Supercharged with Baijiao, Bletilla striata, Baibei, Angelica dahurica, Tribulus terrestris, White aconite, Bai Fuling, Morning Glory, this potent formula helps tone up and brighten your skin, leaving it radiant yet supple. 


Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Pox Powder —— Acne-soothing

If you are suffering from breakouts, you can give this Pox Powder a try. Blended with green tea, dandelion and mung bean, it helps skin detox, prevents breakouts and boosts up the acne metabolism. Perfect for oily acne-prone skin!


Welcome Snowy Facial Powder - Fresh Complexion Powder —— Correcting pale skin tone

Sometimes you look more pale when you are weak or sick, the elder generation will then ask you to intake more nutritious food to balance your internal mental and physical state of bodies as a holistic approach.  Not only the diet, you can also try this Fresh Complexion Powder which is packed with peach blossom powder, angelica powder, motherwort powder. It delivers a rosy skin tone whilst preventing pigmentation and dark spots. 


Welcome Snowy Osmanthus Golden Court Lotion —— Soothing & calming

Known as the “Flower Water”, this Osmanthus Golden Court Lotion is distilled from more than thousand of Osmanthus petals and additives free. Smelling with a fresh scent of Osmanthus, it helps calm and soothe your skin whilst serving up anti-inflammation and anti-allergic. It can be used as toner, under and over makeup, as a wet patch like a SOS mask, or even mixed with facial powder.


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