The 2 Best Massagers to Give Yourself a TLC

When the massage parlours are halted for business amidst the 5th wave outbreak of COVID-19, we, the well-known massage-holics are so itchy to give ourselves the extra TLC. Indeed there are so many benefits from massage such as alleviating fatigue, relaxing tight muscles, enhancing blood circulation, stimulating acupuncture points, losing weight, detoxification and removing edema! The Spring is around the corner and if you want to self-soothe at home, tone your body or improve your mental and physical health with wellness experience, Vonmie is your holy grail and you’ll be back in pristine condition in no time! Promise.


Originated from Japan, Vonmie has launched a wide range of at-home massagers, in which most of them are simple and easy to use - one-button to start your massage journey. Featuring with Electrical Muscle Stimulation, it helps stimulate your muscles “work-out” with pulse current to relax your muscle knots, relieve tension whilst improve circulation and blood flow etc. You can simply relax your soul and body without stepping out your door, that makes it gain so much popularity among the Japanese girls!


Vonmie EMS Style Belt pink

Some women like the massage therapists compressing their waist, especially those suffer from low back pain as they always sit or hope to lose their fat around belly. This Belt is featured with EMS technology and 15 massage levels for your adjustment. It is designed with 7 modes including Training, Fat Burn, Relaxing, Stretching, Kneading, Beating and Warm up, so you can choose the one depending on what your body is asking for.


It only weighs for 75g with 5mm thickness, meaning that you can bring it on the go, or store it at your work desk. You can get to start by pressing on the Belt or complimentary remote, so simple to use! Plus, you don’t need to worry about your waist length as the Belt length is adjustable. You can sit back and enjoy the massage and slimming effect without worry as it is set to 25 mins operation interval, that’s why it has garnered so many favorable reviews!

Suitable for exercise muscle soreness, losing weight and burning fat, relieving low back pain, relaxing muscles, postpartum toning, enhancing workout effect, slimming belly, training muscles, repairing rectus abdominis muscles

>>>Vonmie EMS Style Belt pink

Vonmie Arm Controller

Long for a slim arm or too painful to lift your overused arm after gym? Try this Vonmie Arm Controller with EMS technology! Featured with 5 massage modes, including auto-mode, light-training mode, weight-training mode, relaxing training mode and relaxing mode. Not only can the current stimulation release the tensions, but it can also alleviate muscle fatigue, enhance blood flow and prevent joint damage.

Good news is even you are too lazy to exercise, this massager can help you build up your muscle strength without weight training. Bonus points: did I mention that it does not require any conductive gel during use? You can massage your arm anytime, anywhere then, worth to try right?


Suitable for slimming arms, training muscles, soothing muscles, reducing arm fat, relieving muscle fatigue, preventing sports injuries, preventing soreness, lymphatic drainage

>>>Vonmie Arm Controller

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