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All beauty pursuers must do masking frequently, so do I. I have addicted to masking, especially the sheet masks and at least apply face mask once a week. Recently, I fall in love into Torreya, a high quality Korean beauty brand. Their formula is infused with finest hypoallergenic ingredients and is positioned as a Clean Beauty brand which is Vegan and Cruelty-free. Derived from natural and addictive-free substances, their products are free from nasty chemicals which are harmful to health, animals and environment. All of them are formulated with 8-Free System, meaning free from 8 hazardous chemical substances that may irritate skin. Most of them are blended with EWG naturals, hypoallergenic ingredients, making them safe for sensitive skin. 

Undoubtedly, the ingredients infused in sheet mask is important, while the material used are paramount as well because it is a crucial key for essence absorption. Sheet masks from Torreya are made of eco-friendly algae fibre sheet, allowing it to adhere your face more tightly than other sheet masks, so the potent ingredients can be soaked up deep into skin instantly. Bonus? It will not slip away or having essence dripping down - this is what I worry most. Not only is it a waste of money, it is not convenient to use neither. You can leave it on face while watching tv or doing chores, it still stays put for a long time, making it useful yet convenient. Above that all, some only cost less than $20 per sheet! Is it tempting?

When talking about the mask material, Torreya has also used natural coconut-fermented bio-cellulose sheet. It is also called as “the second skin sheet mask” as it will adhere to skin perfectly, delivering abundant nourishing ingredients deep into skin. Besides, this material works with cooling benefit, effectively soothes and calms skin.  

Torreya Coconut Moisturizing Mask

I was surprised by this Torreya Coconut Moisturizing Mask! First, it has a pleasant coconut smell once its packaging is opened! On top of that, it is supercharged with Coconut, Centella Asiatica and Algae extracts etc which help deeply strengthen and soothe your skin. Each sheet mask contains a whole bottle of nourishing essence so to quench your skin thirst within 20mins, leaving your skin elastic and healthy.


Torreya Lotus Anti-oxidant Mask

The lotus extract blended in Torreya Lotus Anti-oxidant Mask serves up purification and brightening dull skin, while the Chrysanthemum extract works for alleviating facial redness with its anti-inflammatory benefits. Moreover, Algae extract is rich in nutrients from sea to help lock in moisture, enhance skin elasticity and hydration level. The face mask is naturally hypoallergenic, suitable fr sensitive skin.


Torreya Aloe Soothing Mask

Supercharged with fibre moisturizing factors which have potent moisture lock properties, this Aloe Soothing Mask deeply hydrates your skin whilst appeasing irritated skin.


Torreya Bird's Nest Anti-aging Mask

Formulated with a blend of anti-ageing ingredients including bird’s nest extract, collagen,  peptides and adenosine, this Bird's Nest Anti-aging Mask rejuvenates the skin and reduces the influence of aging, thereby restoring skin elasticity whilst leaving it looking revitalised.


Torreya Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Mask

Infused with 58% Centella Asiatica extract to replace purified water and also 10% of Rosa Damascena Flower Water, this Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Mask works to combat wrinkles and brighten skin tone.


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