4 Best Toothbrushes to Stock Up!

Keeping your teeth clean is so important, especially for those always eat strong flavour food, sweets, soft drinks, coffee or hot tea. Aside from whitening your teeth, don’t forget to keep your oral environment clean as well, or you may result to tooth decay, periodontal disease, bad breath, etc. Not only a regular tooth brushing, you need to use an effective toothpaste to ensure a thorough cleaning too. Today, I have piled a list of toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, soft-bristled toothbrushes and interdental brushes to help you choose the best-fit ones!

Best pick #1: Zenyum Sonic™ Toothbrush, best for removing dental plaque and stains

In addition to braces, do you know that Zenyum has also launched a sonic toothbrush? As a big fan of design and packaging, I am attracted by its simple appearance, not to mention that it can vibrate over 33,000 times per minute. By using micro-foaming and fine pressure waves, it precisely removes bacteria and stains between teeth and gums - 21% more dental plaque to be wiped off than using a manual toothbrush. On top of that, it is highly recommended by professional dentists, very suitable for people who drink coffee and milk tea all the time!



I particularly love its 3 cleaning modes after trial, including Clean, Gentle and White, plus its automatic 2-minute timer, allowing you to brush your teeth with the best period of time for a clean yet whitening result.

After a while, you can purchase a complimentary brush head for replacement instead of buying a whole new toothbrush. It’s money-saving and more environmental friendly!




Best pick #2: CURAPROX Velvet Toothbrush, soft bristle brush head suitable for periodontal patients

Everyone's preferences are different. There are always some people preferring a manual toothbrush and so, if you are among them, we’ve got you covered! CURAPROX, the famous leading oral brand in Switzerland, has launched a fashionable yet minimal toothbrush. It uses 5460 CUREN® ultra-fine filaments that can clean every angle of the gums. Its soft bristles design will not hurt the gums, suitable for those with periodontal problems. Moreover, the toothbrush has a slightly 45-angled brush head and an octagonal handle design, leaving you a perfect experience when brushing your teeth.

I love its eye-catching design, in which you can choose from 12 colors including sky blue, pink, violet, and peach etc. If you want to use it with your partner, it also has special editions such as Tiger Edition, Winter Edition, Different Days, etc which are pair sets, so you can have healthy teeth with your beloved one from now on!






Best pick #3: CURAPROX Toothbrush, best for wearing clear aligners and braces!


If you are wearing clean aligners, braces and other dental appliances, I bet you know how difficult it is to clean your teeth during orthodontic treatment. In fact, many people suffer from tooth decay when straightening their teeth, so troublesome isn’t it? CURAPROX is so sweet that it has launched a super soft toothbrushes, in which its special ortho brush head includes a bracket groove, a special groove to hug the braces perfectly for cleaning.

Of course this toothbrush has used the ultra-fine bristles as well, so soft yet supple and also comes in 6 beautiful colors. Pair it with the brand’s activated carbon toothpaste, it will help to maintain the oral health. Tooth decay doesn't stand a chance when the day your braces are removed!

Best pick #4: CURAPROX CS PRIME Interdental Brushes, don’t forget the interdental space! 


Aside from general dental bacteria and tooth stains, don’t forget that tartar and pathogens in the interdental space as they may also cause oral problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. However, a basic toothbrush may not be able to draw out them. Thus, you have to rely on the interdental brush! The CURAPROX CS PRIME Interdental Brush uses a patented surgical CURAL® steel wires, featuring different sizes of brush heads, which can fit into different interdental spaces for cleaning, and penetrate deep down for an efficient cleaning, preventing the formation of tartar and calculus.

This interdental brush is nickel-free, suitable for those with sensitive oral cavity, and it is so durable that not easy to split, won’t bring risk of injury to teeth and gums. In addition to the basic toothbrush, you should also consider snagging this interdental brush home!



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