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The Right Ways to Use Body Oil

Fall season is at the corner! To pamper our skin and fight against the dry weather, we are already well-prepared with our favourite body lotion for after-shower! BUT, it’s FAR not enough! More and more beauty influencers love using body oil to add ultra-hydration boost to their skin whilst enjoying a home-spa experience. To add bonus, there are some body oils feature more functions like nourishing dry skin, adding subtle-shine and developing physical barrier to skin too. Eager to know more about this bottled-magic? We’ve got you! Let’s get the good-for-skin glow with body oil this season! 


Differences between Body Oil and Facial Oil & Body Lotion

Read it: Body oil. So, obviously it’s used only for body not face, aka body parts below neck. Good oil will be absorbed effortlessly without feeling greasy nor sticky. Basically, body oils are similar to facial oils but the former ones some may bring your face a greasy feel due to different blending of oil formula, so, don’t mix them up.

How about body lotion? Their differences lie on the ingredients - body oil is infused with a few fatty acids like omega-6 & omega-9 which act as skin protection against ageing and sunlight damage. Usually body lotion is loaded with good-for-skin ingredients that add doses of hydration into skin but not all of them contain fatty acids.


Benefits of Body Oils

Long-term moisturization - Body oil won’t saturate skin with a concentrated boost of hydration  but will lock in the moisture within skin. Thus, applying body oil after body lotion can help keep the moisture underneath.

Luminous and supple skin - Ingredients packed in body oil are similar to those fatty acids found in our body, so it can help fill up the gaps between our shrinking cells to plump them up like a baby-soft skin you had decades ago!

Anti-oxidization - Supercharged with oxidants, body oils can help protect skin from ageing and UV light damage. It’s no longer a nightmare to beach or put on vest to show off your dry and dull skin ‘coz your skin now looks rejuvenated and young.


Uses of Body Oils

There’s no secret for application, it’s easy peasy!

  1. Use anytime - You can use body oil in any seasons, best in dry season like Fall/Winter of course
  2. Use with right amount - If you concern about the texture, you can try a few drops first, make a good control.
  3. Use with massage - Warm oils in your hands before applying. It can help boost the ingredient absorption instead of leaving it on skin.
  4. Use with correct order - First lotion, then body oil. Since oil is thicker than lotion, you should first hydrate your skin then lock it with oil.
  5. Use with bath - Add a few drops of body oil into bath tub to enjoy your home-spa experience. (Rose oil is my all-time favourite) Oil helps protect dry and sensitive skin whilst relieving your stress with its natural botanical scent.
  6. Facial oil can do - If you’ve got facial oil that are too thick and greasy for your irritated and acne-prone face skin, you can consider to turn it into body oil ‘coz face is more sensitive than body skin. 
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