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Purality sets off a new wave of Clean Beauty - Green Biotechnology

Engaged in a sustainable development with fusion of nature and cutting-edge green chemistry techniques, you can pamper your skin whilst loving our Earth back.

When you consume a new supercharged skincare product, it could be mind-blowing when you see a range of pretty multi-colored bottles and jars which promise its natural ingredients could reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, brighten your dull skin and boost up your hydration level - yes, that may bring you a better skin but not a better world. 

Now, it’s a revolutionary era. With a perfect melding of science and nature, biotech beauty is a new beauty trend towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future that you and me can contribute to a clean lifestyle that preserves our health and environment. Hard to understand? Let me rephrase it. Since our planet’s resources are scarce, biotechnology allows us to recreate the powerful natural ingredients without negatively impacting our planet by exploiting it. But how? Mimic the superpower of botanical active ingredients in the lab.

Having its global headquarters based in Hong Kong, PURALITY, a new French Clean Biotech beauty brand is specialist in resetting the skin by re-energizing skin microbiome with the help of biotechnology. Its star ingredient SUPER-RHODIOLA acts as a replica of well-known Rhodiola which its boost energy can build a defence system that makes it survive even in a harsh and extreme environment. Every day, our skin's microbiome, the natural line of defence for skin is under attack. It can lose its balance and this weakens our skin. Thus, the pioneer brand mimics the abilities of Rhodiola and combines with Biotics to energise the skin by stimulating skin cell functions and regeneration, giving radiance and acting as an antioxidant for achieving an immaculate skin. Their groundbreaking products can even be crafted for your own custom routine to suit your needs. 

Reset Treatment Essence HKD480/100ml

This very pure formula is the ultimate secret to your flawless skin. The holy-grail is designed to restore the skin’s absolute balance, fundamental to perfect skin, by acting on the microbiome - its protective flora. Activated by the Booster “Cell Booster Shot” with 9:1 golden ratio, it restores skin’s balance to its initial healthy stage and enhances Protective Barrier to promise a boost of hydration, purity, radiance and suppleness to dull and fragile skin.

Live Duo Shield HK380/45ml+5ml

Sometimes, I just can’t breathe in outdoor when the air pollution is getting severe, so as my pores. I will use it as a morning personalized essence then. This Active Defense Booster «Anti-Pollution» is made to defend the skin from disruptors and limit the adherence of pollution particles in town, in meanwhile protecting skin against oxidative stress and preventing toxins from fouling the skin by caring for the cutaneous flora – the skin's protective microbiome. Now you can instantly achieve that breathable yet clean skin you’ve been craving all year. 

Live Duo Revive HK380/45ml+5ml

After a long busy day, you need a beauty sleep to restore your tiring skin. The Regenerating Booster «Peptide Power Shot» is designed to work during your rest time. It serves up toning, smoothing and protection during the golden hours of skin repair by a cutting-edge formula of multi-active anti-aging peptide, collagen and acid boosting ß-glucan to turn back the clock. And the next day, you will wake up with a good-for-skin glow which others may think you are 10 years younger!

Live Duo Renew HK380/45ml+5ml

When I’m back from a long night party, I will give my hangover skin a prompt rescue. This Youth Radiance Booster «Cell Booster» imparts a dewy boost of radiance to your skin in no time. It illuminates and harmonizes the complexion with pomegranate enzyme to stimulate cell renewal and purified lactic acid for a delicate radiance. After this SOS skincare regime, you will shine with a lit-from-within glow. Copyright © 2021 South China Morning Post Publishers Limited. All Rights Reserved.