10 Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Do you know how common insomnia is among Hong Kong people? According to the Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey by CUHK, 6.8 among 10 are suffering from insomnia which is a super high rate. Main reason is stress from work or study, followed by health, family and love issues.

In addition, 80% of them do not intake any sleeping pills or speak to any doctors to treat insomnia. Suggested by Dr. Lui Wing Cheong Victor, the Honorary Assistant Professor from Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, a long-term insomnia can lead to health problems such as poor immunity, increasing risk of cardiovascular disease and inducing emotional disorders, as well as drug or alcohol abuse etc, so it is absolutely necessary to face the sleep problem.

Definition of insomnia by WHO:

1) Having sleep problems 3 or more times per week for at least 1 month

2) Difficult to fall asleep, maintain a sleeping state or poor sleep quality

3) Sleep problems affecting the patient's daily life or cause serious distress

Are you one of the 6.8 Hong Kong people experiencing insomnia? Or you are lucky enough to stay asleep until it's time to wake up?

Even you have sleep problems, you don’t have to take any sleeping pills to sleep through the night as we’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide to 10 natural remedies that will work hand in hand to promote your sleep quality without any medication!

Natural remedy for insomnia #1: Enjoy 30-min sunbath

Among all, the most natural yet harmless way is sunbathing! According to “The Scientist”, the amount of melatonin found in body will affect your sleeping quality directly. It is suggested that 30 minute or above daily light exposure can stimulate more melatonin production from the pineal gland of your brain, allowing you to have a deep sleep.

Natural remedy for insomnia #2: No computer or phone 30-min before getting in bed 

The strong light of phone monitor tricks your brain that it is still day-time to work instead of resting time at night. Thus, you will only find yourself more energetic as you swipe your phone longer, resulting in a sleep problem. Therefore, avoid using digital device 30 minutes before getting to bed to help your brain rest.

Natural remedy for insomnia #3: Avoid coffee or tea 6 hours before sleep 

Coffee and tea are infused with caffeine for invigorating effect, so intake of these beverages will cause trouble falling asleep . Dr. Lui Wing Cheong Victor, the Honorary Assistant Professor from Faculty of Medicine of CUHK suggest that tea and coffee should be avoided 6 hour before sleep, so to fall asleep easily in night.

Natural remedy for insomnia #4: Use lavender-infused products

In aromatherapy world, lavender is always used to soothe the stress, thanks for the high concentration of linalyl acetate and linalool, helping you to relax your soul and induce feelings of calmness. Thus, try to fill your ambience with lavender scent if you have symptoms of insomnia - it will help you sleep.

The British brand Aromatherapy Associates is so popular that even Catherine, the Princess of Wales is its loyal fan. Without water tank or heat, its aroma diffuser is effective to preserve the integrity of essential oils. Good news? A bottle of lavender oil is given to you for free upon purchase of its Atomiser, perfect for those suffering insomnia! 


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Natural remedy for insomnia #5: Use Sleep Mist

Many western brands have launched sleep mist, allowing you to spray it on pillow and beddings for a good and deep sleep with the pleasant scent. The British Aromatherapy Associates has also launched a Relax Sleep Mist which is infused with soothing Chamomile and relaxing Sandalwood pure essential oils to help shrug off daily fatigue, slow a racing mind and prepare you for undisturbed, restorative sleep.



Natural remedy for insomnia #6: Light up sage 

Sage is believed to have purification purpose, clearing out the negative energy and dirty souls from a space. Biologically, it is effective to repel harmful bugs so to cleanse your space too. There’s an ancient French idiom “qui a de la sauge dans son jardin, n'a pas besoin de médecin” as they reckoned that sage growing in their garden served up various holistic healing and pain soothing purposes, as well as curing insomnia and emotion relief etc.

When I have problems to sleep, I would smudge the sage to purify the energy of my bedroom until it is fully burnt. By then, my room is filled with a slight smell of sage that helps me fall asleep quickly.


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Natural remedy for insomnia #7: Create a ritual 


Chairman of Taiwan Applied Psychology Association Mr. Yu-Che Tsai suggested that an exclusive ritual can be created by you, telling your body that you are about to sleep after it, in which bedtime reading or pajama changing are good examples. If you like to have a constant ritual, you will love this idea!

Natural remedy for insomnia #8: Change to silky beddings

Silky beddings are synonyms of lifestyle opulence - not only can its luxurious decorations make you happy, they are practical in purposes too. For instance, they can prevent hair loss and appearance of wrinkles, making them celebrity-adored by Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber and Victoria Beckham. 

The Australian brand Slip has used the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines for the pillowcase, including non-toxic dyes, making it safe for use for everyone. Its smooth yet silky finish is so comfortable that allows you to release all the stress and so fall in love with sleep. Aside from pillowcase, with addition of its sleep mask, you are now resting in an environment without any light, solving your insomnia symptoms in no time.




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Natural remedy for insomnia #9: Enjoy sex or masturbation 

Dr. Michele Lastella from the University of Queensland pointed that over 64% of interviewees had a better sleeping quality after sex. What’s more? The better your sexual experience, the better sleeping quality you will have. It is because sex promotes a hormone production called Oxytocin which relaxes our body and soul, making us more eager to sleep. 

Thus, don’t count the sheep anymore when you can’t sleep. Ask your partner for help and I bet he will love to do so!



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Natural remedy for insomnia #10: Do more aerobic exercise  


Studies have suggested that doing aerobic exercise 4 times a week will change your sleeping quality from “bad” to “good”. The reason is that exercise can relieve your anxiety and serve up anti-depression, helping you to fall asleep easily. But remember, it is always better to do exercise in day time and avoid night time workout, as being too active may affect your sleeping quality.


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