5 Skincare Must-dos When Doing Exercise

The hottest TV drama <We Got Game> brings us the finale soon, I bet all the fans of Keung To, Anson Lo, Edan, Ian, Stanley, 193 and Fat Boy will never want to see its end. Not only does this basketball-themed tv show has garnered so many people to watch but it has brought a storm of playing basketball in Hong Kong too!

You know what, regular exercise is the best skincare way. It is much cheaper than both luxury and economical skincare products as long as you are willing to spend your time on it, and you will notice the result with your own eyes. Sweating during exercise helps accelerate our metabolism in which many girls has keep their breakouts in curb when exercising continuously. On top of that, it brings us healthy pinky cheeks as if we are born this way. I know it is a waste of time to name all the benefits of exercise, so let’s talk about its skincare part. Keep scrolling to read my 5 skincare tips when doing exercise, and you will restore a baby-soft skin very soon, promise!

Skincare tip #1: Remove makeup

We sweat a lot during exercise and the sweat will help clean out our excess sebum and dirt. But when you have applied a full makeup, skin's pores get blocked by makeup mixed with sweat. Of course, you will sweat too even with makeup on but not in a good way, not to mention that it can’t wash away our sebum and grime.

So if we want to keep our body healthy, wiping your makeup off thoroughly before you break your sweat is imperative, for your own sake. 




Skincare tip #2: Sunblock

Though the sun’s rays seem to be less strong in winter than summer, the UV rays are still the biggest enemy of all girls! So, let’s gear up!

You might that that you won’t expose to sun if you staying indoor for gym or yoga, so you don’t have to put on suncream but you are WRONG! UV rays can penetrate the windows and reach you skin even you stay indoor, so you should never skip sunscreen even you are home.

Neglecting sun protection in your skincare routine may increase the risk of having dark sports and freckles. It will be too late to rescue your skin when you have hyperpigmentation and fine lines problem. Prevention is always better than cure!

Hence, remember to put on sunblock all over your body and face. There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.



Skincare tip #3: Hydration

Moisture loss will be worsen during exercise especially when our pores are enlarged. The perfect way is to wash your face to draw out all sebum and grime caused by workout. Next, add a spritz of hydrating mist to help your skin retain water whilst doubling the effectiveness of the subsequent skincare products. 

In addition, you may look a bit red post-workout but don’t worry, some hydrating mists can help calm and soothe your skin to restore it back instantly. 

Aside from hydrating mist, your body is dehydrated as well. Quench your thirst after exercise to help detox and maintain your moisture level in body.



Skincare tip #4: Exfoliate and put on mask

Don’t rush to pamper your skin right after exercise but leave it 20-30mins for detoxification. The skin-loving ingredients of skincare products will be effectively soaked deep to skin.

First, exfoliate. Take a small amount of exfoliator and massage on face gently to buff away the dead skin cells. Next, top with a moisturising mask to deliver immediate moisturization to skin. You will be thrilled that the essence is absorbed more effectively after workout!




Skincare tip #5: Shower after exercise

Hit the showers after workout as you are all covered up by sweat and smell. Shower helps boost metabolism whilst regulating the functions of oil gland and sweat gland, leaving your skin more delicate yet supple.

Shop those body wash with strong moisturizing powder and use beauty device as well. Cleaning and loving your skin at the same time will bring you a healthier and clearer skin for sure.




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