The Complete Guide on Sun Protection: What Are SPF、PA++?

Day creams with UV protection and Sunscreens are the summer must-haves if you don’t want your skin to be damaged by sun during the high-UV seasons. Flooded with various sunscreen products in the market, this article will teach you how to choose your suitable sun protectors and how to pick from different SPF and PA values.

What is SPF?

Abbreviated from “Sun Protection Factor”, SPF measures how much it can protect your skin from UVB radiation. SPF 15 sunscreen can block 93% UVB, SPF 30 sunscreen can block 97% UVB while SPF 50 sunscreen can block 98% UVB. The number also represents how many times longer you can be exposed to the sun before getting burnt. For instance, wearing SPF15/PA+++ sunscreen means the person would be able to be exposed to the sun for 225 minutes (15 minutes times 15) before burning (normal Asian skin can be exposed to sun for 15minutes getting getting sunburnt).

What is PA?

Abbreviated from “Protection Grade of UV” and originated form Japan, PA measures how much it can protect your skin from UVA radiation. As we all know, uv rays will cause skin ageing and UVA is THAT factor. UVA can pass through glass windows, so even if you stay indoor or close to windows or there is a big window of your premise, you’d better put on sunscreen to ensure it can combat the UVA. In recent years, Japan has already updated its sun protection standard to PA++++ for a better protection.

8 Tips for sun-protection

  1. Usually, choosing sunscreens containing physical filters such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide is more reliable. This kind of sunscreen helps reflect the UV rays from the skin surface and it works immediately right after application. Bad point is its thick texture. If you choose sunscreens containing chemical filters such as makeup products with sun protection, remember to wear it 20minutes before leaving home, allowing it to work gradually.  

    Salt & Stone Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is fragrance-free. The non-greasy formula leaves skin no white residue. The infused hyaluronic acid soothes and moisturises skin. It is suitable for outdoor activities, thanks to the water- and sweat-resistant formula.


  2. Despite your locations, you need to choose the products with broad-spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVB and UVA rays for an all-rounded protection. If you need to spend long time for outdoor activities, you’d better choose the sunscreens with SPF50/PA+++ or above. If you are ready to hit the pool or head out to the beach, remember to reapply it every 2-3 hours and choose those with better water-proof formula. 

    Epionce Ultra Shield SPF50 works to block both UVA and UVB rays. Blended with Ultrafine Zinc Oxide and Octylsalicylic Acid, it is safe to use and helps safeguard the skin from uv rays.


  3. Hands are the most often-missed spot to wear sunscreen when exposing to the sun. When time passes, you hands will become drier and wrinkles show up! Therefore, remember to slather sunblock on your hands! In addition, make sure you rub it in evenly across all parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun, especially back of neck, ears and hairlines etc.

  4. Sometimes we simply don’t use enough sunscreen, so it can’t protect us properly. Half teaspoon of sunscreen should be applied to face every morning in order to make it more protective.

  5. Nowadays, many foundations have been formulated with sun protection but it is NOT enough to protect your skin with a thin layer of foundation. You are advised to wear sunscreen under makeup or prime your face with sunblocks having tinting effect. 

    Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF50 is the combination of sun protection and makeup. It helps correct skin tone whilst protecting skin from UV damage, leaving skin a natural shine with natural skin tone. 


  6. If you are out with makeup, remember to wear it 20minutes before leaving home to allow it to work because most makeup products with sun protection are added chemical filters, featuring a thin and fresh texture. 

    You can also top off your makeup with sun protect powder for additional protection. Rachel Wine Mineral Protect Powder is not only for setting but its transparent finish is best for blurring pores, not to mention its water- and sweat-proof formula that keeps the look stay put all day. Using it alone with multiple layers can create a no-makeup makeup with clarity. The natural minerals will not bring burden to skin and it only requires a facial wash and warm water to rinse it off, so convenient and suitable for all skin types.


  7. If your skin feels stripped and burnt after sunbath, you can moisturise and soothe your skin with aloe vera-infused moisturisers.

    Torreya Aloe Soothing Mask uses an advanced eco-friendly material with excellent moisturizing benefits, hugging your skin tighter than any paper masks else. Plus, it is more effective to boost your skin with hydration whilst soothing it gently.


  8. Consume more fruits and vegetables with bright colors as they are rich in anti-oxidants, perfect for repairing the skin damaged by UV rays.

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