SLIP to Tackle Fine Lines and Hair Tangling Problems!

Sleep costs 1/3 time of your life-span, so that’s why bedding products such as pillowcases, bedsheets and sleep masks are so paramount that you should spend time to carefully select them. When you reckon that beauty sleep is for your body restoration but indeed it can cause fine lines too! According to a German study in 2016, your body will move and twist unintentionally during deep sleep, whilst side and tummy sleeping also stretch and tug your delicate facial skin in all directions even more than in daytime, so to develop more fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, “Sleep Wrinkle” is another new buzzing word appearing in foreign beauty world in recent days.

For many, sleep is a must and so girls will find a way out to avoid sleep wrinkles developed during sweet dreams. I know that many Hollywood stars including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Hailey Bieber or even the whole family of Victoria Beckham are the top-fans of the Australian brand “SLIP”! So what makes these red-carpet superstars so loyal to it? I’ve summarised a few notes for you below. Keep scrolling...

Designed for thin hair by founder

The founder of SLIP Fion Stewart was suffering from thin hair and sensitive skin, while her dermatologist suggested her sleeping on silk pillow to soothe her problems. But there were not many choices of high quality silk pillowcase in market 20 years ago, so she decided to found SLIP and wished to help those have the same problems as her. In the previous 17years, she has made her wish come true and because of the soft yet comfy experience, the brand has now become the universally favourite brand among the celebrities.

Value of a $700 pillowcase

You may think that a pillowcase costing $700 is so expensive but in meanwhile forget how much you have paid for your wrinkles and how many nights of insomnia you have suffered, and then you will discover that this $700 is just so worth it. SLIP uses the highest grade long fiber mulberry silk to produce a pillowcase with thickness of 22 momme and non-toxic dyes, so you can sleep on it without any worries. It keeps your skin moisturised as it won’t absorb that much of your luxury facial cream or serum during sleep. To add a bonus, with the soft yet shiny finish, silk won’t stretch and tug your delicate skin even you have side and tummy sleep. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the sleep crease and so wrinkles appearance when you dream. Finally, a five-star snooze is achieved and you can get the coziest, dreamiest sleep of your life.



Advantage of silk

Silk is so moisturised and breathable that can prevent the eczema and itchy skin from happening whilst pampering our delicate skin. The seemingly solid mulberry silk is actually 38% hollow and this makes it the perfect heat regulator, meaning you feel it cool in summer while warm in winter. But the main draw to this soft silk is the skin benefits as it won’t cause friction to harm our skin, so if you have allergy problem, this is your new go-to!

Secret sauce of SLIP silk pillowcase

Over 90% of users shared on online forum that their hair was still smooth and so much less tangled after laying their head on it. On top of that, it was so smooth and soft to the touch and the shiny finish just blew their mind. Most of the long-hair girls must have encountered an embarrassing moment that they woke up like a crazy woman with messy bed head. But most of the users claimed that they woke up with a sleek, shiny hair without frizz or flyaways. And I do like its smooth finish that gives you major princess vibes!

Washing method

Normally, silk needs to be hand-washed to keep it new and extend its longevity but SLIP pillowcase can be put into washing machine directly! Perfect for lazy girls like me!

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