5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles And Under-Eyes Bags

Dark circles and puffy eyebags are our all-time enemies. Even an immaculate makeup cannot hide the “panda eyes” and weary look. Do you know why your dark circles and under-eye bags are still there even you have enough sleep when staying home? Let’s see how Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross said. He explained that dark circles were caused by lifestyles and genetic factors, so we have to first understand what bad habits will lead to dark circles, and then use eye cream, eye mask or natural remedies to quell them right where they start.


Bad habits contributing to dark circles

Dark circle is a melanin accumulation, that’s why it appears to be darker around eye area. Aside from extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation, dehydration is another factor leading to dullness around eye area. In addition, though sunbathing helps produce vitamin D, it will boost melanin level if you are exposed to the sun for too long, leading to the annoying “panda eyes”.


Remedies to get rid of dark circles

Case 1: if it is a genetic issue, you can still do your best on skincare routine to keep the dark circles and under-eye bags at bay. Case 2: if it is due to bad habits, then you should first quit them all and build up a good skincare habit such as using eye cream and eye masks.


Remedy #1: Eye-cream for under-eye bags

Serum and moisturisers are your face-skincare must-haves, then why not eye area? Not to mention that your metabolic rate slows down after 25+ years old, dark circles will only be tackled more difficultly. Thus, you should use eye cream everyday or it will be too late when hyper-pigmentation and fine lines show up one morning when you wake up. It is important that applying eye products should be along with gentle massage for 30 seconds. Tugging or rubbing your eye area is a big no-no, or it will hurt the delicate skin. 

I personally recommend the EvaGarden Seacaviar Eye Cream. EvaGarden is an Italian beauty brand. All their products are made in Italy and shipped directly to Hong Kong. It combines the purest seacaviar and rice protein to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, nourishing and protecting the eye area whilst improving puffiness and dark circles, restoring a pair of youthful eyes.



My another all-time fave is the Sibu Age Defying Eye Cream. Sea Buckthorn is well known as Holy Fruit, Fruit of Life and Fruit of Miracle. It is a precious treasure in nature for being  rich in Omega 3 and various vitamins, in which Vitamin C is 200x times of that from grapes! Extracted from Sea Buckthorn, this anti-wrinkle eye cream can reduce fine lines and de-puff eye bags, leaving your skin smooth yet brightening.



If you have dry skin, I suggest you applying the eye serum prior to eye cream, boosting up the hydration level around eye area, so it helps a better absorption of the following ingredients. The Active Super Eye Serum from Wildsmith Skin is supercharged with potent anti-oxidants and repairing ingredients, which helps reduce the dark circles whilst strengthening the dermal structure to combat the eye aging problem. Surely it is a must-have skincare product for the pre-mature girls!



Remedy #2: Eye masks for under-eye bags

Apart from daily skincare routine, mask-ing is the must-do step to infuse your skin with additional nutrients. Therefore, aside from eye serum and cream, you should use eye mask once a week or an eye-care home device to scavenge the dark circles and fine lines.


Tested by dermatologist, the FRANZ Skincare Wrinkle Away RED consists of eye mask, gold coating eye mask and boosting essence which its penetration is 6 times more than other eye masks. To add bonus, its size is larger than normal, so it can even cover the apple cheeks to combat fine lines and aging problems. Now, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty parlour-grade micro-current eye lift at home with Franz Skincare products.



Remedy #3: Cucumber eye pads

Have you ever seen the memes about kittens or puppies in cucumber eye masks? Even animals know the advantage of cucumber eye pads, why don’t you use them then? Rich in vitamin C, cucumbers help promote blood circulation and brighten up skin tone to fight against the dark circles.


Remedy #4: Potato eye pads

As the billionaire socialite, Cathy Chui surprisingly uses common skincare practice too. Her big eyes can kill because she places 2 slices of potatoes on eye lids then covers them with sleep mask. Potato can promote blood circulation whilst helping to remove blood stasis, making it the best de-puff holy grail to correct the dark circles in no time!


Remedy #5: Soak with green tea bags

Elva Ni has once shared how to use green tea bags for dark circles SOS treatment in her YouTube channel. First, soak the green tea bag into hot water and let it chill to moderate temperature. Apply the teabags to your closed eyes for 3 minutes. The warmth will penetrate deep into skin and you will see an instant result of reducing dark circles and under-eye bags. Simply spend $30 for 25 green tea bags in supermarket, and you will benefit from this effective yet economical remedy!


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