Rohaseed | Benefits of Tea Seed on Hair and Skin Care

Tea seed, fruit of tea tree, can be used to make tea seed powder or tea seed cake. Featuring with powerful cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used as shampoo or daily cleansing products in ancient culture.  Nowadays, the women and elderly in Shiwan town, Foshan, China are still making their bespoke tea-seed-infused shampoo to prevent scalp itchiness and dandruff. 

Many shampoos in market contain silicone, parabens or fragrance to make your locks smooth and sleek but meanwhile, they may cause your skin allergic and itchy, block hair follicles or hinder the healthy growth of hair; more severely, it may lead to hair fall. Thus, tea seed becomes a cult-favourite ingredient among the environmentally-conscious people in recent years for its natural and skin-loving properties. Some local brands such as Rohaseed even blends it with traditional formula for a range of tea-seed-infused haircare products, retaining this ancient living intelligence.

Traditional tea seed formula

Being a gift from our nature, tea seed has so many natural benefits than all other chemical substances. Aside from powerful cleansing ability, it can also be used as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or to appease itchiness and dandruff etc, while restoring the health of scalp, follicles, hair and skin. Rohaseed, this local brand insists to use natural ingredients only and produce chemicals-free products:

  1. Silicone-free. No follicles-clogging and optically sleek hair.
  2. Parabens-free. No skin inflammation, eczema or itchiness.
  3. Sulfate-free. No burden to scalp and lower risk of sensitive scalp.
  4. Alcohol-free. Safe to use if you suffer from inflammatory skin, Contact dermatitis or eczema.

Since all products from Rohaseed are naturally formulated without additives, children and pregnant women are safe to use as well. Best of all, it is a Hong Kong brand and all products are 100% made in Hong Kong, shouldn’t we support our local business?

TCM Conditioning Philosophy  of  "Cleanse" & “Supplement”

Cleanse and Supplement are important conditioning parts of Chinese medicine. Detoxify inside and outside the body first, rehabilitate the body to the natural balance, then supplements can work for it. In addition to inheriting the intelligence and culture of tea seed, Rohaseed truly believes in the wisdom of this philosophy. Therefore, they suggest to first remove residual chemical toxins from the hair, follicle and scalp, and then moisturizes it with hyaluronic acid to truly protect the hair.


Many reckon that natural, organic products may not work as efficient as chemical products, in terms of anti-bacterial and cleansing properties. They usually think that natural products’ cleansing ability is just so-so. For this, I have to confess that I did have such thoughts before too until I met Rohaseed. Their natural shampoo features a strong cleansing power while the mane stays smooth and sleek for a long time. Rohaseed has got so many certificates, such as Ionic Silver Disinfectant - Efficacy, Ionic Silver Disinfectant - Long Time Efficacy and Amino Acid Moisturizing Disinfectant - Efficacy etc, proving that the brand’s products are capable to kill bacteria, leaving the users worry-free.

ROHASEED - Tea Seed Nursing & Anti-Loss Set

If you always dye, perm or bleach your hair like I do, plus style your hair with tongs every morning before leaving home, you will fall in love to this Set for sure. You may find your strands a bit greasy at first but no worries, they are just self-preparing, not related to poor cleansing result. When your locks are restored back to healthy condition, your hair won’t look oily anymore but volumized yet smooth, plus, no more brittle locks. Now upon purchase of this Set, you will receive an Ionic Silver Disinfectant Spray (100ml) for free, protecting you all-rounded free from bacteria.


ROHASEED - Tea Seed Itch and Eczema Soothing Body Wash 

Skin suffering from eczema easily feels itchy and in a severe case, it may have fluid oozing or flakes and patches. Therefore, people with eczema should choose natural body wash wisely to prevent it getting worse. This Body Wash is suitable for sensitive and eczema skin as it can rebalance your skin whilst adding and locking moisture in long-term.

I have normal skin and after using this body wash, I don’t feel it stripping even without applying body cream. It is suitable for all skin types, meaning that your whole family can use it too!



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