Top 3 Relove Intimate Care Products You Should Use!

Many women have been troubled by their private parts problems which are prone to yeast and bacterial infection, itching, changing vaginal discharge color, odor and other concerns. Since these are private issues, most of them won’t share their problems or wait until they can’t tolerate anymore, they will finally seek for Gynecologists’s help. Therefore, Taiwan brand Relove has launched a wide range of intimate care products, specialised for Asian women and are adorned in a way that speaks to them (not their grandmother) to avoid women not dare to face up to their private parts cleaning problem. Since then, all women are welcomed to buy these feminine hygiene products without shame.


The whole production line is in Taiwan and the Feminine Intimate Wash, G7 L-arginine Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Spray and Relove Protease Lingerie Stain Clean Liquid are specialised for women, so they can keep their “V area” pristine anywhere whilst the latter one is suitable for underwear too! Not only the feminine hygiene market, Relove has recently expanded its business to another major concerns of women - body shape and weight. The new product launched is Relove I-SLENDER -  Mixed Berry which is blended with various patented natural herbal complexes for weight loss.


Feminine Intimate Wash

You may ask if overusing cleansers will rinse away the good bacteria in vagina as well? Answer is yes or no. Most of the feminine hygiene products in market in no doubt will maintain the private parts a slightly acidic environment but will at the same time wash away the good bacteria in your vagina. The Relove Feminine Intimate Wash is infused with Bifidobacterium and cranberry extract which not only helps maintain the ph3.8 slightly acidic environment but also promote the growth of good bacteria, thereby easing the discomfort of private places and help strengthen genital health as well. The below are 3 Feminine Intimate Washes that cater different needs:

Relove Feminine Intimate Wash - Amino Acid Added: Formulated with premium Tea laurel amino acid that helps clean the intimate area gently to leave skin comfortable without feeling stripped, plus it is anti-bacteria and provides high protection to fragile area.


Relove Feminine R² Tranexamic Acid Whitening Intimate Wash: Infused with patented R² Tranexamic Acid Whitening factor that effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, improves and brightens the dull skin to a rosy, young skin.


Relove Calendula Extract Feminine Intimate Wash - Sensitive Skin - 100% medical beauty grade hypoallergenic formula helps soothe the discomfort of skin.


G7 L-arginine Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Spray

Have you ever experienced the itchiness of your intimate place right before your menstrual cycle? For me, sometimes. But once I have tried this G7 L-arginine Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Spray, it never happens again. The truth is, right before and in between the menstrual cycle, body will be weaker and due to the discharge change, your private parts may feel a bit itchy. This spray is your saviour then! Blended with cranberry extract and sage extract, it soothes and protects your skin in one go, so that your private parts are no longer itchy. You can simply spritz it onto toilet wipes, your underwear, pantyliner or sanitary pads. Bonus is, it is small in size that you can bring it along with you anywhere. Available in rose, white tea and berry 3 scents, you can choose your favourite one to give your intimate skin a brand new pampering experience! 


Relove Protease Lingerie Stain Clean Liquid

Underwear is our most intimate lingerie but do you know when we wear it for 10 hours, there will be 0.1g of vagina discharge carrying bacteria which affects our genital health? so, underwear cleansing is that important than you ever thought. Relove Protease Lingerie Stain Clean Liquid is formulated with the exclusive Decyl Glucoside(APG) which is clinically proved that it can effectively remove blood stains, vaginal discharge, dirt and bacteria, and the natural enzymes will not harm the garment nor hands, that’s why every user falls in love with it after their first use! The mild formula is suitable to clean baby-wear too, thereby if you have sensitive skin, you just feel free to use it without worries.


Relove I-SLENDER -  Mixed Berry

Another women’s major issue must be body shape and weight. While you might have eaten a lot in the Lunar New Year and stayed at home for all days during the pandemics, you must have putting a lot into your mouth but exercised less. Thus, Relove has newly launched the I-SLENDER -  Mixed Berry to help you lose weight again. Supercharged with the Japanese patented black soybean seed coat extract to kick away the stubborn fat whilst the Chestmin extract is effectively block the excessive carbs intake and Pueraria Extract helps accelerate the fat burning process. Mix it into warm water 30 minutes before your meal, it tastes a bit sour yet sweet but I just treat it as a fruit punch!


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