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5 Things You Need To Know About Face Mask Skincare Regime

From dehydration to chapped skin, there are myriad skincare problems caused by weather, stress and many more. Switching up skincare products is not enough. Moisturizing mask, sheet or clay, DIY or peel-off, can plump, hydrate and perk up tired skin as well as a gesture to let yourself rest and relax. But are you applying face masks right? 

Here are 5 face mask application tricks for you to experience the unrivalled healing power of moisturizing face masks.

1.Squid Game’s Ho-yeon Jung Uses Aloe Mask As The Ultimate Complexion Booster


 Squid Game’s Ho-yeon Jung

Ho-yeon Jung starred in Squid Game,which is the No.1 Netflix show in more than 90 countries since it premiered. No doubt her acting has been phenomenal, but she is also one of the most renowned Korean models. 

“Keep it simple” is her beauty mantra. She rarely puts on makeup unless it’s for work, and uses moisturizing masks on a daily basis. When her skin is irritated, she will always put on a sheet aloe mask for its soothing effect. 

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce pain, swelling and speed up wound healing time. Since this plant-based ingredient contains both moisturizing and healing elements, most of their products are even sensitive skin friendly. 

Should you use a moisturizing mask everyday? The short answer is yes. According to the dermatologist, as long as it’s not a glycolic acid-containing mask, it’s safe to use a mask daily. Using masks formulated with exfoliating acids, like whitening and deep cleaning masks, are too strong for daily use and can cause irritation, breakouts and even allergic reactions especially during season transition.

2.Shin-hye Park’s Warm Towel Steaming Before Mask Ritual 

Shin-hye Park

K-drama queen Shin-hye Park is known to have a radiant, poreless complexion. Her secret is placing a warm damp towel on her face and cleansing her face with warm water before putting on a mask. This trick opens the pores, softens and deep cleans your skin to prepare receiving all the benefits of the mask. It also allows the serum to penetrate the skin with ease. 

Park also highlighted that when it comes to face mask application, longer isn’t always better. The rule of thumb for face masks is to leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes max. If the face mask itself dries out, it will start sucking moisture out from you skin, as a result, never sleep with them on unless you want to wake up with a dehydrated, chapped skin.

3.Bingbing Fan Tone Her Skin Before Mask

Bingbing Fan

As a face mask aficionado herself, Chinese actress Bingbing Fan uses sheet masks daily and sometimes even twice a day. But what you might not know is that she has an intricate regimen even before putting on her face mask. She starts by applying toner on her skin using a cotton pad and gently taps around her face. This can tone facial muscle and press extra serum to penetrate her skin effectively and hence, not a single drop of product is wasted.

4.Gigi Lai’s Facial Massage After Using Face Masks

Gigi Lai

One of Hong Kong’s most beloved actresses Gigi Lai is also now a CEO of her own beauty brand. The gorgeous CEO might be 50 years old this year, but she doesn’t look a day over 20. With so many anti-aging products on the market, Gigi Lai preserved her beauty by always performing a facial massage after using a face mask. One of the benefits of facial massage after a face mask is that it increases blood circulation to the skin, allowing follow up products to penetrate deeper.

5.So-ra Kang Gets Sheet Masks To Fit Perfectly

So-ra Kang

Sheet masks come in different shapes and sizes. While you may be investing heavily in face masks, it may not fit your face well. Korean actress So-ra Kang always cut her masks to fit. Usually cutting slits at the temples, sides of nose and under the chin are good enough to get your masks fit perfectly. The fitter a sheet mask fits your face, the more effectively it seals the serum against your face.

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