Turning Ink into Perfume - Ramon Monegal

Fragrance, is like a bottled magic. A few drops of this magical elixir are sometimes enough to make you feel like so appealing, alluring yet enticing. In a relationship, with just one magical spritz, it could reveal your charms and draw him into your web. When there is a wide range of perfumes in the market, women are pursuing a bottle with unique and long-wear scent that becomes her signature odor when she wears it everyday, in which whoever smells this scent will think of you right away. 


I confess: I’m a typical fragrance-die-hard-fan that I have to wear perfume everyday. And I’ve tried a lot of luxury fragrance brands but it’s so embarrassed that many people wear it next to me too, not to mention that the scent will disappear a few hours later. Then by chance, I’ve discovered a Spanish perfume brand Ramon Monegal. From the aroma persistency to the signature bottle and brand story, they are so appealing to me. If you like a niche brand like me, trust me, you will also fall under their scented spell.


The renowned perfumer family over a century

Ramon Monegal is a member of Spain's most renowned perfumer family Monegal, the founders of perfume house Myrurgia. Since 1916, the previous 3 generations have been imagining and creating perfumes for over 100 years and were appointed as suppliers to the Spanish Royal House. As the fourth generation of the master perfumers, Ramon Monegal has founded his own perfume house 14 years ago with the same name. From establishing his own workshop, mixing own formula and essential oils to dilution and packaging, all are completed under his control. With the excellent artisanship inherited from his family, Ramon Monegal has built a great sensitivity to scents which was the key to success. 


Based in Barcelona, Spain

If you have been to Spain, your mind must be blown away by its cultural and artistic vibe. You will indulge into your imaginary world when you visit the world-famous Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà and Palacio Real de Madrid, did I also mention the works of great architect Antoni Gaudí that you can find anywhere? Plus, every Spanish is wearing a smile on face and say “Hola” to greet you with their whole-hearted passion, who won’t fall in love with Spain? Ramón Monegal has once said that Spain is his inspiration of scent, so that’s why he created and produced the perfumes in Barcelona. 


Turning words into notes

Ramón Monegal is a founder of a perfume house who loves literature. He loved to impart the stories into a new perfume when naming it. The New Paradise, for instance, is like the best of nature’s utopia - combining in perfect harmony of the Citruses such as orange and bergamot, Lily and Rose etc to create a paradise-like, immaculate yet holy vibe. When you wear it on, you will feel the pure pleasure and the unparalleled relaxation that you’ve ever had.


From the perfume name to the scent, all the words crafted are suffused with poetry.  If you are a an art buff or hipster, you can’t miss it!


Hero fragrance of Ramón MonegalCherry Musk

According to a survey done by the Japanese magazine “Classy”, men aged between 35 - 45 are keen to a floral fragrance. So if you boyfriend or husband falls into this age group, I strongly suggest you to shop the perfume Cherry Musk. Blended with cherry, white rose, jasmine, amberwood and white musk etc, it paints a sea of white flowers of sublime scent, that’s oh-so-romantic. Its scent lasts so long that once you spritz it onto your pulse in morning, you still feel indulging it until you off work.


Hero fragrance of Ramón Monegal 2Discovery Set 2ml X 7

This delicate gift set is my personal pick as you can try on various mini-perfumes in one-go! Different from other perfumery houses, the 2ml volume is much better to put into purse which won’t cost any space. Spray it on before party and let you regale yourself with the best olfactory image!


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