How to Use Mineral Foundation?

“Mineral Foundation is so hard to use!”  You may have heard about this comment always. Indeed, powder-like foundation is so different with liquid foundation, foundation stick or compact. But if you get to know about it, it is so user-friendly. Bonus is, this kind of foundation is so fresh without greasy finish, perfect for hot and humid summer! Let me show you all how a mineral foundation works with the help of the 1st place of COSME Honey Powder Award, Rachel Wine Light Mineral Foundation!

My skin is sensitive and will lead to allergy easily if the makeup stays too long on my face. I used to be a BB Cushion follower for its convenience but when I was pregnant a few years ago, I started to read the labels carefully and concerned about the quality of makeup products, especially those are safe for pregnant women. Mineral foundation is not only naturally-formulated but also mild, my skin seldom appears to be sensitive after using it. All in all, it is more convenient, clean and having great staying power than BB cushion. For your reference, what I use is Rachel Wine Light Mineral Foundation.

Rachel Wine Light Mineral Foundation, suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women


Specially designed for Asians and sensitive skin, Rachel Wine is a safe brand to use for pregnant women. Its Light Mineral Foundation is ultra-fine and boasts to have strong oil-control power, making it so long-lasting. Plus, its sun protection SPF27 PA+++ allows the user to use it directly after lotion, without primer and sunscreen. It is easy to remove as well - only with face wash and warm water, perfect for busy beauty!

Before and After

It obviously evened out my skin tone and covered up redness, leaving my complexion immaculate with matte finish.



How to

  1. Pour an ideal amount of powder on plate
  2. Make sure your skin is dry - the golden rule! If you have just applied your moisturiser, blot it out with tissue gently until dry
  3. Use the Rachel Wine Kabuki Foundation Brush to dust it on face and gently press it
  4. Lastly roll it to even the complexion

Rachel Wine Kabuki Foundation Brush, soft yet dense

The foundation brush is made of extra-fine synthetic fibres, the bristles are so delicate yet densely-packed, not to mention its strong powder-gripping properties, without ever leaving behind any tell-tale streaks. Super good deal!



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