Rachel Wine - 4 Best Makeups That Won't Irritate Sensitive Skin

Most girls in Hong Kong are suffering from sensitive skin and simply skip all makeups when it is getting serious. But, it is impossible to keep your face bare to work or special occasion or it may trigger painful, angry flare-ups after putting on makeup, so what should you do? Indeed, if you know how to pick your makeups wisely, like those sensitive-skin-friendly products, you can keep your complexion looking healthy and happy without being irritated by makeups!

Rachel Wine, the Clean Beauty brand from Japan, infuses natural minerals for the whole line-up of makeup products specialising Asian skins. Their formulas are free of skin-irritating ingredients such as preservatives, harmful chemicals, oil, fragrance, alcohol and colourings. They are sensitive-skin-friendly and particularly suitable for post-cosmetic surgery and pregnancy. Thanks to the natural source, mineral powder won’t cause pore-clogging, so it is safe to use even you have inflammatory and acne skin without worrying about the breakouts.

Recommendations of RACHEL WINE makeup products:

1. RACHEL WINE Light Mineral Foundation 

Indeed, mineral powder-infused makeup products are perfect to use in humid Hong Kong, especially when we talk about foundation. Rachel Wine’s Light Mineral Foundation has won the 1st place at COSME HONEY POWDER AWARD in Japan’s famous beauty store and garnered many positive reviews! The super-fine powder serves up oil-, water-, sweat-resistant, making it stay put all day. Featured with broad spectrum SPF27 PA+++,it helps protect your skin from UV damage. It is easy to use as well, just let your moisturiser sit for a few minutes for your skin to drink it up fully, before moving on with your makeup. If it is used for touch-up, blot the excessive oil on face with blotting paper before dabbing on the powder. You may then pour a 5 dollar size of powder out and use The Rachel Wine Kabuki Foundation Brush to press it on face, followed by a swirling move to even the complexion. It is just as easy as pie to remove it after a long day - use a daily facial wash and warm water to rinse off the makeup, your skin won’t be harmed due to makeup residue. 


2. RACHEL WINE Mineral Protect Powder 

You can simply dab it on bare face or layer it on foundation during a sunny day or for outdoor activity. Same as Light Mineral Foundation, it is water- and sweat-proof to keep your makeup on place. Formulated with natural moisturising ingredients including egg shell membrane, silk powder and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, it helps to hide pores for a no-makeup makeup when using alone. It is also suggested to pair with Rachel Wine Kabuki Foundation Brush which makes your complexion immaculate like no others. 


3. RACHEL WINE Kabuki Foundation Brush

Rachel Wine Kabuki Foundation Brush is made with top-graded synthetic fibre from Japan, not only can it hold more powder in one go, its fine bristles also feel delicate, not to mention its streamline design hugs your face shape perfectly. It works best to even out the powder. 



4. RACHEL WINE Zero Blemish Mineral Concealer

If you crave for a perfect complexion, layering the Zero Blemish Mineral Concealer on top of foundation will help. Its sheer coverage is unbeatable that camouflages the breakouts, scars, uneven pigmentation around eye area or dark circles etc. Dab a pinch of concealer with Rachel Wine Contour & Eyeshadow Brush then press it on target areas and even it gently. Though it serves up a full coverage, you can still only use facial wash and warm water to swipe it away without tugging skin. It is definitely every busy beauty’s must-have!





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