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How to Choose the Right Beauty Masks for Your Skin Type

Not sure which face mask suits you best? We’ve done our homework and gonna give you a lesson - Introduction of Masks 101 to analyse different masks - powder, cream or gel, sheet, clay and sleeping masks with their PROS & CONS, Pro-tips of usage and our favourite picks! Check ‘em out!

Powder Masks

Usually suitable for sensitive skin because it contains dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing them with liquid, meaning that it’s more stable and safer to store and use (active ingredients of liquid face masks will be spoiled quickly when coming into contact with air), that’s why most of
them don’t consist of unwanted preservatives and are packed with natural ingredients - perfect for sensitive skins. Of course, you need to add water or serum before application which may cost you some time but in return, the base of mask can be tailor-made to fit your special needs. For instance, you can choose rose water for an ultra boost of hydration, chamomile flower water or calendula flower water for soothing skin.

Fresh and natural, no preservatives added
Tailor-made base of mask based on the skin needs
Serum or water is needed to mix with the powder with precise amount which is time-consuming

Our favourite picks -

Welcome Snowy powder mask - acne skin treatment $160

Welcome Snowy powder mask  - pearl powder $330 


Paste Masks

This is the most widely used mask, I bet! It comes with different forms and functions like cream and gel, plus, they are all easy to use. You just need to slather it on face, easy peasy! You can even mix it with essential oils or simply leave it on face for 10-15 mins, then massage it to help drive the
active ingredients to where they should be. Though this kind of mask lacks of a sheet to prevent serum evaporating into the air, you can still try to cover it with a cling wrap and top off with a hot towel for better and faster absorption - remember not to cover your nose! Sleeping mask has also stolen the spotlight in skincare in recent years. PRO-tip is…if you use it for the first time, you’d better leave it for 15-20mins instead of overnight to make sure you don’t have any sensitive reaction with this new mask.

Easy to use
Cheaper than sheet masks and can be used for more times
Right amount of masks and even distribution is needed

Our favourite picks -

NATURA SIBERICA ICY ROSE Replenishing Face Mask 100ml $168

Sheet Masks

Basically there are tons of sheet masks in the market, not only for face but also used for hair, hand and foot etc. When you look for a suitable sheet mask, you need to consider the material it’s made of - thickness is important because if the sheet is too thin or not occlusive enough to cling to your face, you may not enjoy the oh-so-good skincare benefit right after. The ground-breaking bio- cellulose material is far better than the traditional paper or cotton sheets as it ensures a snug, face-hugging fit that won't slip around if you need to move around; while micro-transparent hydrogel masks are cooler and fresher, perfect for sensitive skin or used in Summer for soothing effect and cooling sensation. 

To test if the sheet mask is perfectly soaked in good-for-skin serum, you can check whether your mask dries out and no longer contacts closely with your skin after 15mins application. You can simply throw it into rubbish bin if this happens.

You don’t need to calculate the amount of mask for application as it’s already set in each sheet. Supercharged with active ingredients, its close contact with skin reinforces the hydration power. Keep the remaining sheet mask liquid into a bottle as serum – don’t waste any of it! (as most of the
sheet masks are leave-on masks, you don’t need to rinse them off.)

You may have to lie down when putting on the masks as they may slip away or the serum may drop - depends on the materials used.
Usually it contains more preservatives than normal serum. If it’s added with fragrance, it may be too sensitive to some skin types, so you’d better pick those infused with natural formula. You may feel a bit tingly and cool when using it in winter time. Soak it into warm water with the sealed package in advance, you will feel like having a spa treatment after placing it onto your face.

Our favourite picks -

FRANZ Skincare Franz Jet Plus (2EA) $330/2ea

Seoulista Beauty® Correct & Calm Instant Facial Multi Pack $225/3ea

Torreya Aloe Soothing Mask $250 / 10pcs

Torreya Bird's Nest Anti-aging Mask $250 / 10pcs

Patra Sparkling Swiftlet Mask  $304/7pcs

Clay Masks

Loaded with rich minerals, clay mask serves up pores-purifying, moisturizing, balancing skin benefits and in most cases, it can be used for deep cleansing while some could be used for face as well as body too. But note that clay mask usually dries out fast, so you need to keep an eye during application. Rinse it off completely once you feel dry and tight, maybe just within 5-10mins.

Some clay masks can be used for body too.
Deeply clear the clogged pores and balance skin.

Too soon to dry out.

Our favourite picks -

Wildsmith Skin Double Clay Refining Mask $480/50ml
Aster Aroma Dead Sea Mineral Mud $188/250g


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