The Do-It-All At-Home Beauty Device You Should Have!

A regular body exfoliation is the key to restore your brightening, supple baby skin. When you have accumulated layers of dead skin cells, the potent ingredients can’t penetrate deep into your skin no matter how. That’s why a regular exfoliation helps skin rejuvenate and revive that helps the absorption of your body cream and thereby achieves the best result. 

Normally, people tend to choose an exfoliating balm, cream or jelly, then swirl and massage it onto skin for emulsification and gently buff away the dead skin cells. But personally, I think the best staple to grime off your skin is the PMD Clean Body device!


First, its silicone design is ultra-hygienic and antibacterial which makes it even more important amidst the pandemics outbreak. Plus, it is featured with 3 interchangeable attachments including “Relax Body Massager”,  “Silver-infused Loofah” and “Polish Aluminium Oxide Exfoliator” to craft your needs to fit your daily skincare routine. I used to use both of my favourite exfoliator and loofah to rub my body but then, I tried this PMD Clean Body device, and everything changed - even my boyfriend fell in love with it after first trial!


Cutting-edge Technology

Since it’s founded in 2010 in the States, PMD Beauty has launched a range of beauty tools and skincare products that go through rigorous testing and trials to ensure they continue to provide the promised high quality results over years of use. Every PMD product is developed with patented technology including SonicGlow™ from PMD Clean which delivers 7,000 vibrations per minute to break down dirt and oil from within the pores.



I used to think that pouring as much body wash as possible on my traditional loofah would give me a better cleansing effect but the Silicone-design of PMD Clean Body is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, odor resistant and won’t use excessive body wash. Around 1 to 2 pumps of body wash will be far enough for forming silky foam to cleanse your body thoroughly. Among these features, I particularly love its hypoallergenic design as my skin is super sensitive that I tried not to use that much of exfoliator in my daily routine or I had to choose the exfoliating products carefully. I even didn’t see any allergic problems from those user online reviews, so if you are experiencing painful, angry flare-ups, you should grab this one home!


3 interchangeable attachments

PMD Clean Body is 100% waterproof which allows you to wait until the last minute of your shower to decide which attachment to use. Magnetic design helps the attachment installation in no time so you can pamper yourself without wasting one second. Only child makes choices, we adults simply grab all these 3 accessories in one go!


Relax Body Massager

This is my most favourite attachment as it features SonicGlow™ technology that helps massage away everyday body aches, especially after my workout. I found that many Americans love using it with their favorite body oil for body massage which they think the result is doubled up!


Silver-infused Loofah

It looks like a simple loofah but actually it’s anti-bacteria and infused with silver that cleanses the skin without spreading or harboring bacteria. What makes its wow-effect is the silverscrub™ patented technology that grimes off your dead skin cells with just one swipe!


Polish Aluminium Oxide Exfoliator

The third one is an antibacterial aluminum oxide exfoliator that buffs away rough, calloused skin and reveals soft, smooth skin. Its exfoliating result is so amazing that my skin looks brightened after 1-2 time uses and it will revive and rejuvenate like a baby-soft skin in long-term, promise!


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