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As the 5th wave of COVID-19 infections has overwhelmed Hong Kong with both Omicron and Delta variants, the caseload soared everyday. Thus, staying home and avoiding any gatherings are the best ways to combat the pandemics. However, with the closure of beauty salons, maintaining your peak skin condition is not easy than ever since and you can’t sit back and do nothing until they open up again. That’s why we whole editorial team has shopped a various home beauty gadgets and tried them all, in order to recommend you the devices that our beauty team swears by to help you save time and money, and get what you want!

I am always keen on gemstones and spiritual things until I discovered an US-made digital cleanser with gemstone design - that just blew my mind away! By then I knew that this beauty brand PMD is celebrity-adored among the American elites and celebrities, by now it’s even gained popularity in Taiwan and surprised all the Taiwanese! So what’s the secret sauce of PMD that makes it a Hollywood starlet? Let us unveil it now!

The national brand

Founded in 2010 by Sam Alexander, PMD has been different from other marketing approaches, it had no investor funding nor traditional big budget marketing. They just strived to provide high quality products that enable the customers to feel their best. After the help of 1000 men and women across the globe, it has launched its smart beauty tools and skincare products in thousands of shops in the world, including beauty online shop in Hong Kong.


Innovative Patented Technology

All PMD Beauty products go through rigorous testing and trials to ensure they continue to provide the promised high quality results over years of use. Every innovative product uses cutting edge technology includes SonicGlow™ (Clean Pro RQ), patented spinning disc (Microderm Elite Pro), patented pulsating vacuum (PMD Kiss) etc and each of them has gone through a thorough scientific proof to promise its safety during use.


Unleash your #BrilliantConfidence

#BrilliantConfidence is one of their key visions. Not only the outer beauty, but boosting up one’s confidence and enabling individuals to glow from the inside out is so paramount too! So they have curated and produced a video series entitled #BrilliantConfidence throughout the years to share the empowering stories of men and women and hope to spark the same glow of confidence in others around the globe. We always believe that inner beauty is more important than the outer one but as long as you own a PMD device, you can have both of them and shine from within!


Love your skin and give it back

What we appreciate PMD is their “pay it forward” move to society. They will donate a portion of each sale to charities upon any purchase of their products in order to build a better world where everyone can unleash their #BrilliantConfidence too. PMD has donated to a non-profit organization called Gyrl Wonder which supported ambitious Black young women to conquer their personal and professional dreams. PMD has also donated thousands of skincare sets and sheet masks to Frontline Healthcare Workers for the frontline healthcare workers as a gratitude for their bravery and selflessness. It has also supported those in need for clean water, girl’s education and Refugee Program Greece for a better future.


PMD Clean Pro RQ

Clean Pro RQ is the flagship product of PMD! Combining silicone and rose quartz stone, this cleaning device features their SonicGlow™ technology which vibrates over 7,000 times per minute to ensure to draw out impurities and sebum within pores! In addition, the ActiveWarmth™ facial massager featuring Rose Quartz stone allows your skincare to activate by assisting in deeper absorption and effectiveness from the combination of SonicGlow™ and heat. I particularly love this gemstone design because the rose quartz implies love and popularity, meaning if I use it for days, I may meet my Mr. Right some day!


Personal Microderm Elite Pro

This device just goes viral among the Taiwanese recently and they call it “Diamond Rejuvenator”. Its patented Spinning Discs exfoliate away dead, dull cells from the surface of the skin, thereby stimulate the new cell growth to reveal a glowing youthful skin. With extended range of Discs, you can swap them anytime to craft your skin needs, both on face and body.


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