OMG | 3 Ways to Tackle Different Hair Problems

A study from Japan has suggested that over 80% of women were suffering from aging scalp, leading to abnormal oil secretion and lacklustre yet fizzy locks. To combat the recessive aging scalp, frizzy hair, not only should you use the anti-aging haircare products, but you should opt for a correct shampoo and conditioner to craft your special needs. For instance, you should pick the haircare products specialising weak, fragile hair if you use hair gel on damaged hair too often, or switch to the products that help add volume into hair if you have flat, limp, and fine hair. So, I would suggest you OMG, a haircare brand made in Japan.

Founded by senior hair stylist Marvin Lin with 20 years hair styling experience, its anti-aging hair products are well-loved by beauty editors and influencers! Formulated with a blend of argan plant stem cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid, they boast to repair and rejuvenate every single hair strand and soothe the allergic scalp as well as clogging follicles, whilst boosting the growth of follicles and deeply repairing the damaged hair shafts, leaving you the revitalised locks!

With the help of Scalp-care, Glossy and Airy line-ups, they can cater your different hair concerns. Ranging from an airy and weightless or volumized and lifting hair styles, repairing damaged hair, restoring bouncy hair or deep-conditioning, you can find the right product from OMG.

OMG Scalp-care Collection

It serves up deep cleansing whist restoring the oil balance of scalp. Blended with ginseng root and Senburi extracts, it can promote the regeneration of hair follicles, relieve the stripped and discomfortable scalps, allergic and itchy scalp etc. It also effectively improves the problems of clogged hair follicles, dandruff and unbalanced oil secretion. If you concern about scalp care, it is a must-try!




OMG Airy Collection

This collection is supercharged with the most botanical extracts and essential oils among the three lineups. It allows hair strand to look more weightless, airy and bouncier whilst improving the limp and listless hair, made to address fine and flat hair. Featuring with a fresh texture, it is perfect for daily or post-workout use.



OMG Glossy Collection

If you hair is damaged due to over-dyed or over-permed, you can give this a try! Supercharged with hydrolysed keratin, honey protein and sodium hyaluronate, it rebuilds and repairs the damaged hair fibre from within, leaving it strong and luminous. If your hair looks fuzzy and frizzy, it works to improve the dry and weak strands whilst deeply repairing the damaged locks, leaving your hair more sleek yet smooth.




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