The Hong Kong Local Skincare Brand You Should Know in 2022 - Olé Beauty

These years, local skincare brand market is booming that you can trace their footprints in several shopping malls, department stores or online beauty shops. The Western and Japanese/Korean skincare brands might be more than popular due to their historical story or marketing strategies but yet, I still trust local brands as they fully understand the humid and hot weather in Hong Kong, so they can design and produce the beauty products with tailor-made formula which are specialised for Hong Kong girls, thereby, more effective. More importantly, as a Hong Konger, we should support these local niche brands and allow them to be more diverse so to promote them to every corner in the world. 


Cheer for Life - Olé Beauty

The brand name came after 2019 when the founder saw the society has changed whilst Hong Kongers were suffering from emotional distress like casting a dark shadow. She then suddenly had a song popping up into her head with “Olé,Olé,Olé,Olé~” which the fans would cheer for their favourite clubs in a soccer match, so she wished to cheer up Hong Kongers with her beauty knowledge as well.


That’s true! “Ole ole ole ole, we are the champs” came into my mind once I knew the origin of the brand name, feeling so positive isn’t it?


Made in Southern California, USA

Though Olé Beauty is a Hong Kong brand, it is made in the manufacturing and laboratory with GMP certification & ISO22716 guidelines in Southern California, USA, the whole production and packaging process are secured with the highest quality. 


The ISO 22716 GMP (a.k.a Good Manufacturing Practices) are cosmetics guide to emphasise the quality of the cosmetic product. Based on the ISO 22716 certification, it provides the product control guidelines to the organization for managing its hygiene, quality and safety from raw materials to product outcomes.


If you find a few Olé Beauty products listed as “handmade”, meaning they are made in Hong Kong, otherwise all are produced in the factory from Southern California, USA.


Vegan Manicure Products

Gel manicure is my all-time fave and I love the delicate prints painted on my nails. I feel so good when seeing my 10 beautiful nails when typing on keyboard. But I found them becoming more brittle than before and even chipped, so I decided to use the manicure products from Olé Beauty. All their manicure products are vegan, cruelty-free and no additional nasty ingredients to ensure every ingredient is safe to be absorbed by body. As a real user, I can tell you that I had no bad experience with my super sensitive skin when using it.


Perfect for Hong Kong Weather

Tested with a strict guidelines of pH value, viscosity, stability and packaging etc, each product of Olé Beauty is guaranteed to be natural and produced with the highest standard, allowing every customer to use them with no worries.


The main feature of their products is the easy absorption without greasy feeling. Their texture is so fresh yet moisturised for easy glide-on and absorption, it acts as a thin protective layer wrapping your skin to combat the weather in Hong Kong.


Olé Beauty Vitamin E Nails and Cuticle Oil

As the first product, it has been its hero product ever since. Targeting to thin, fragile, brittle and dry nails, it is definitely the saviour for all girls having gel manicure! I apply it round cuticles everyday to boost the nail growth and promote the strong yet healthy nail plate. Packaged with 2.5ml and Set, you can find your best-fit to craft your need.


Olé Beauty Hand Sanitizer

It’s always a tough question when it comes to pick a hand cream as I have eczema. Infused with plant based glycerin, it effectively heals wounds and is anti-inflammatory as well as improving eczema and Contact Dermatitis. I love it moisturising my hands whilst killing 99.9% bacteria, perfect to use to fight against the virus amidst pandemics when you can still keep your hand supple yet beautiful.


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