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From fertilization to delivery and now a new mom, every woman has gone through a tough journey, both mentally and physically. Not only should a mom take care of the daily eating habits of new born babies, you should take care of your own physical and psychological needs too. Aside from intimate care, new moms may suffer from postpartum hair loss, breakouts due to hormonal change. Therefore, I have curated a range of natural, organic body care products, so you can save your busy time and bring them home right away!

Use Kegel balls to tighten your vagina after birth

Muscles are loosened during pregnancy and so lead to weak pelvic muscles, bringing the odds of urine leaking when you cough or laugh. Some moms may also worry that their husbands will lose interest on their not-so-tight vaginas. Apart from doing Kegel exercise to ease these problems, you can also shop a Kegel ball to strengthen your pelvic floor whilst preventing uterine prolapse, incontinence and promoting orgasm. It can boost your sexual health and pleasure even you become a mom too!

The Canadian adult sex toy brand We-Vibe has launched a range of sex toys, not to mention the healthy yet fun Kegel ball. It helps to train up the pelvic muscles whilst providing 10 different vibration patterns for stimulation in the most pleasurable way. One point to add, it has 3 weights to choose (10g, 30g and 45g), so you can start from the lightest one and train your pelvic floor step by step.


Use intimate wash after birth

Since the uterus has not yet restored back to its original size before pregnancy, you will have the vaginal discharge after giving birth, named “lochia”. Normally it is bright red in color in the first week after birth, then it becomes paler in the next two weeks and white after another 2 weeks. Usually the whole process takes 2 to 6 weeks but subject to different people.

This is why mom’s vagina needs a special care. Supervised by the well-known obstetrician and gynecologist Cheng Jie Zheng from Taiwan, the Relove Calendula Extract Feminine Intimate Wash is so mild that the Calendula extract from Italy serves up soothing vagina while the coconut oil amino acid helps to clean the intimate area and leave skin feeling comfortable without stripping. All women should use feminine hygiene products but not exclusive to moms, as you deserve the TLC.


Use anti-hair loss products after birth


Most of your hair is at the growing phase during pregnancy, that’s why it seldom falls but after birth. During postpartum stage, hair is at telogen and easy to fall, so most of the new moms will worry about their hair loss problem. Aside from physiological condition, hair fall may happen when moms are too busy and stressful on taking care of baby too.

You are suggested to use anti-hair loss shampoo and treatment. Dr. Seed from Korea is founded by professional dermatologist, so all pregnancy women and eczema skins are safe to use. Its Super Seed Bomb Revitalize Shampoo is supercharged with 45 natural nourishing ingredients and free from nasty substances, leaving your scalp healthy all the time. B7 Aqua Treatment is silicone-free and helps to infuse the good-for-skin ingredients deep from scalp to hair shaft, serves up scalp soothing, purifying as well as improving hair loss.


If you find your thin hair annoying, let me tell you a secret holy grail! The UK professional haircare brand Nanogen has invented keratin hair fibre that can create a fuller, thicker hair optically when you sprinkle the hair fibre powder on sparse areas. You can also use the locking spray to hold your look in place. Just wash hair with shampoo as usual when you are home at night, so easy!


Simplify skincare regimen after birth

New moms may have higher chance of breakouts due to hormonal change and stress. Especially if you are breastfeeding, it is paramount to look into the ingredients as whatever you put on face and body may have an impact on the future development of your little baby.

The Korean brand Menokin specialises for pregnant women and new moms. Its skincare principle is so minimal that there are only 3 products under its brand name, ranging from Pepti-Cotton Cleanser, Ampoule Essence and Cream. The founder is also a mom whom believes that minimising the non-essential ingredients whilst keeping the essential ones are enough to help you achieve a hydrated, glowy skin.


Protect your skin from sun damage after birth

Despite your age, you should put on sunblock wherever you go - indoor or outdoor. Since the harmful UV rays can penetrate windows and shine on us which may lead to appearance of dark spots, so applying sun cream is like building a shield on our skin. Other than looking after your cutie pie, you may need to bring your little ones out for regularly check-ups too. Thus, remember to protect both of your and babies’ skin with sunscreen before leaving home.

Founded by American doctor Dr.Carl R. Thornfeldt, Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF50 is suitable for pregnant women and babies over 6months, so you can share it with your sweetheart too, so sweet! Instruction is simple, just apply it on face evenly 15mins before going out, and re-apply it once every 2 hour.



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