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A new wave of makeup revolution kicks off in Korea! Korean cosmetics are no longer equal to vivid bright color, high chemical concentration and strong fragrance odor, instead, the Korean skincare and makeup industry is leaning more to vegan market and has launched a wide range of natural organic products to avoid any burdens and harms to body, allowing the consumers to use them worry-free.


So, how about the color saturation and endurance? Do the vegan makeup products work the same as those commonly found in market? The answer will surprise you, promise! I have lately tried the Youtubers-favorite Natural Shine lipstick from Korea, in which it surprisingly delivered a high-pigment payoff with super long-lasting properties! It is even highly recommended by the Korean actress Lee Si Young from movie《Sweet Home》and Eugene Kim from Korean drama 《The Penthouse》! All K-pop beauty followers, take notes!

10-year vegan beauty background


Natural Shine insists to use 100% natural formula to ensure that there is no harmful and nasty ingredients. With 10-year research and development, their whole range of products are cruelty-free and they endeavour to adopt Clean Beauty. What a good news for those having furry-friends at home! Their products are suitable for all skin types, boys and girls and even pregnant women, no wonder it has garnered favourable reviews from the Koreans that it is a universal makeup brand for all family members!

Color with care

We usually first prep our lips with lip balm prior to color for nourishment, but since Natural Shine is formulated with all natural ingredients, it can deliver a stunning pink color whilst protecting and conditioning our pout, making it like a 2-in-1 lip balm! Who will say no to it?

Eco-friendly packaging brings zero burden to our Earth 


Not only should we pursue for zero burden to skin but also to our planet - as a responsible global stylish citizen. Natural Shine’s packaging contains as few plastics as possible whilst citrus peels or cane sugar are commonly used. While making ourselves beautiful, we can also make our earth more beautiful.

#2 HERA, used by Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young has once shared that the Natural Shine Red pomegranate LUX- Triple Lip Cure Balm is one of her most-liked lipsticks recently, in which its main ingredient is natural pomegranate pigment and her favourite shade is #2 Hera. When she first saw this color, she thought it’s too vivid but once she put in on, she found it so natural especially it created a healthy look with just one swipe when she had no other make-up. If she has a full make-up, she would layer it for a more saturated finish. What’s more? She sometimes treated it as blush as well to create a monochromatic style.


Apart from Lee Si Young , Eugene Kim is another big fan of Red pomegranate LUX- Triple Lip Cure Balm and she even applied it in night time to look perfect and stunning anytime! Bonus is, it is naturally-formulated, meaning that you don’t need to remove it before sleep! It is definitely a secret weapon to create a no-makeup makeup when going on staycay with boyfriend!

Natural Shine lipsticks have featured both basic and mirror finish while the latter one delivers a glossy, mirror-shine look that makes your pout oh-so-kissable!



Natural Shine Red pomegranate LUX -Red drop Lip Cure Long lasting gel


Aside from lipsticks, you can also find a lipgloss in Natural Shine! Its 

Red pomegranate LUX -Red drop Lip Cure Long lasting gel is naturally formulated without any chemical pigments as well, making it safe to use for sensitive skin and pregnant women. It is clinically tested that after 14-day successive use, your lips will become plump and moisturised whilst it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. Isn’t it the must-have holy grail in your purse?


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