The Dermatologist-approved Haircare Brand: Nanogen

Having sleek and shine mane is just as important as an immaculate makeup. Think about this - despite your perfect makeup, your dry, frizzy any flyaways will only ruin your look, so your day.

Lately, I have just discovered a professional haircare brand Originated from UK called Nanogen, in which its products are incredibly effective. If you have dry hair like me, your locks will become smoother and more volumized soon. In fact, Nanogen has landed Hong Kong for 11 years but in case you are new to its name, it’s just because it never advertises more than enough but focuses on its no-nonsense line of effective hair care products. Hopefully, you will feel more confident and beautiful for your healthy, volumized hair when looking in mirror every morning after using it!

Every Nanogen products for sensitive-skin have dermatologically tested not irritating skin and are free from paraben preservatives and chemical allergens, such as MIT, CMIT, Formaldehyde, so it is safe for sensitive skin. Their formula is also free of silicones which block pores, SLS, SLES and ALES, protecting your follicles healthy and unclogged, no wonder they are highly recommended by many Hong Kong dermatologists.  


Specialising for different hair types and hair length of men and women, Nanogen Shampoo collection is formulated differently for men and women, so sweet!

Nanogen Men and Women Multi-purpose Shampoo Collections


Awarded with 2019 Beauty and Wellness Award, the Multi-purpose 7-IN-1 LUXE Thickening Experience Shampoo for Women works to clean, condition, hydrate, volumize, strengthen your hair whilst removing dandruff, improving scalp health and anti-oxidising, making it a mega-multitasker that leaves your hair hydrated and sleek with natural shine. Bonus? the effect is visible in seconds. After my first trial, my hair looks smoother than ever before!



Meanwhile, the 5-IN-1 Thickening Experience Shampoo Half-Conditioner for Men has earned the Golden Award of the Best Men Hair Product of Pure Beauty Awards in 2017, proving its quality without uttering a word. It helps clean, reduce dandruff, volumize, condition and strengthen hair in one go, whilst restoring the hydrated, smooth and shiny hair.



Nanogen Men and Women Deep Cleanse Shampoo Collections 

In addition, there are deep cleanse shampoos for both men and women respectively. It feels fresh after use and helps to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, leaving your mane more volumized. It is also suitable for young users who crave for healthy hair growth.





Used for both men and women, the Thickening Experience Conditioner for Everyone is blended with patented NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor formula, resulting in weightless yet smooth hair. Its non-coating silicone-free formula will not bring your scalp burden even in touch. Now, you can save a massive 20% off upon purchase of 2, so cost-effective!



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