Nanogen Hair Fibres Thickens Your Thin Hair Instantly

The proof is in the pudding! Whether you are born with thin hair, parting has become wider or suffer from hair fall because of whatever reasons, I am going to introduce you the saviour of your fine hair - Nanogen Hair Fibres. It acts like a concealer of scalp, making your hair thicker optically in seconds without hurting both scalp and hair and guess what? It is all natural. Undoubtedly, it is a total game-changer!

Emphasising natural beauty - NANOGEN from the UK

The UK professional haircare brand Nanogen has been specialising in producing high quality haircare products, hoping that every user will be confident with their beautiful mane in the mirror every morning. The wide range of haircare products of Nanogen has garnered favourable reviews from its customers, including the one I am revealing- the natural keratin hair fibres, in which all reviews were so positive that attested its natural and long-wear finish.

Principle of NANOGEN Keratin Hair Fibres

Nanogen Hair Fibres are made from 100% natural keratin which will become electrostatically charged and attach to the hair, instantly creating bulk and the appearance of a natural, fuller style. This 100% natural keratin hair fibres have been precision cut by laser to microscopic dimensions. After cutting, the fibres are dyed and are coated to enhance the retention of electrostatic charge. The fibers are then packed into containers which are constructed from a sophisticated polymer that stimulates static charging of the fibres whenever the container is moved. Results? 400% more charges than normal container! They make use of the electrostatic charges to bind your hair perfectly, making your hair look fuller, thicker with long-wear and natural finish. Now you can enjoy 20% off upon purchase of two! Snag them home now!


Real customer reviews on NANOGEN Hair Fibres 

“The best hair fibres in market! They blend easily with my own hair naturally and do not move. I don’t need touch-up in day time at all as it lasts for whole day.” - Jim 

“ I will recommend the Nanogen Hair Fibres to all my friends who suffer from postpartum hair loss like me. I like them so much.” - Sophie

How to apply NANOGEN Hair Fibres

Better use them on dry, clean hair. First, style your hair as normal, even you want to do a hair-do. Shake the container for 8-10 times then open the lids, lightly sprinkle on sparse areas and where thicker hair and volume is needed. Remember less is more, so apply it bits by bits. Wash your hair as usual, just use shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly, as easy as a pie!


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