What Should We Do During Mercury Retrograde?

You may have “Mercury Retrograde” popping up in mind whenever you feel annoyed, your electrical devices break down or you have communication problem with someone - as this buzz word somehow represents somethings are just not going well. However, the Taiwanese astrologer Jesse Tang believes that when Mercury is in retrograde, it is a moment for us to reflect on oneself and take a step to move forward and change, there is nothing right or wrong.

So, if we can’t change this perceived backwards motion, why don’t we use some tools to help ourselves get through this journey? 

Jan 14 - Feb 3 2022, the first Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn 
May 10 - June 3 2022, the second Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus
Sept 9 to Oct 2 2022, the third Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo
Dec 29 2022 to Jan 19 2023, the forth Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

What is Mercury Retrograde?

It is an astrological phenomenon which happens three or four times a year and lasts for 20-day per cycle. Since the revolution periods of Mercury and Earth are different, it looks as if Mercury is moving backwards from our view here on earth, it is not really traveling backward!

What should we learn from Mercury Retrograde?

We are experiencing the third Mercury Retrograde now. Libra represents elegance, charisma and beauty. When Mercury is perceived travelling backward, it implies that these properties will lose its balance too! So, you should change your style and outlooking to prevent any mistakes! And, try to allow yourself more me-time to enjoy the calmness. 

What Should Do When Mercury is Retrograde #1: Sage

In the ancient times, French reckoned that sage could cure all sorts of pains and soothed your emotions. Nowadays, the mind and body advocates or yoga tutors generally believe that sage can purify the energy in the space whilst dispelling the negative energy one by one, leaving the space back to calm and natural status.

You can burn sage, despite a bunch of sage or its incense sticks whenever you have damper in mind. But remember, do not put it off when burning, it will automatically snub out when it has finished cleaning the space.

Some might think that it has a strong smell and not convenient to use it in a space with family members or office. You can use a room spray with sage then, just add a spritz anywhere, anytime without burning process.




What Should Do When Mercury is Retrograde #2: Scented Candles

Yoga tutors sometimes love placing a pot of flower or burning a scented candle during yoga or meditation. Not only can the smell soothe our stress, the dancing flame can somehow heal our soul when gazing it - or even helps us connect to our Higher self.

In yoga world, there is a practice called Trakata, aka Candle-Gazing Meditation. You just need to put the candle right before you with 1m distance from eyes, then start to stare at it steadily and feel its warmth. Some may even cry when they feel moved, so if you happen to cry, no worries that is super normal, meaning the warm candle flame has already healed a part of you.



What Should Do When Mercury is Retrograde #3: Essential Oils

You won’t miss out essential oils when talking about relieving your mind and soul. You can simply apply the natural, organic pure oils on body directly or add them in diffusers or on aroma stones. Different oils serve up different purposes, for instance, Lavender oil helps insomnia, Bergamot oil helps destress. Choose your most suitable oil and get through the Mercury Retrograde effortlessly!





What Should Do When Mercury is Retrograde #4: Diffuser and Aroma Stones

If you want to fill up your space with essential oil aroma, you can use a diffuser and aroma stone. It helps calm anxiety symptoms and increase relaxation when you keep breathing, kicking away all the troubles in no time.

The good side of using a diffuser and aroma stone is to allow others to relax at the same time. If your colleagues are so stressed, you can try adding the essential oil in diffuser and on aroma stone to help her relax. Similarly, it may help improve the communication problem with your parents or partner as well when all of you feel more relaxed and less anxious. This can prevent many misunderstandings due to poor commutation with the others. 





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