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I have spent a lot of effort and time to do research on skincare and makeup products during my pregnancy stage as I worried that it would cause an adverse effect on the baby. Undoubtedly, natural, organic and chemical-free products were my top priority. However, my worries didn’t disappear after giving birth as I now worry that chemicals will have an influence on the baby too when I have so many skin-to-skin contacts with her. Plus, my life is so much busier now and I have no time to pamper my skin, so a natural and simple skincare routine is high-quality as hell. After all the research, Korean skincare brand Menokin is my new go-to. There are only 3 products in its range and are suitable for daytime and nighttime regimens. They save my time whilst my skin is improving, so magical!  

I have sensitive skin so I prefer to use fragrance-free yet natural skincare products. But after trying Menokin, my allergic problems have gone! When I look up the ingredient list, Cotton Fruit Water and Peptide are the main components which boast for hydration and anti-aging purposes, not to mention brightening and hindering melanin production, in which they make all our skin wishes come true!

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Menokin - 3-step skincare regimen

Menokin understands moms - it knows how busy we are. Thus, it simplifies all the skincare steps from cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, eye cream while only cleanser, serum and moisturiser remain. Aside from moms, they are perfect for lazy girls or those suffering from sensitive skin too. Not only are the skincare routines trimmed down but also ingredients - merely those high-performance and necessary are kept, feeding your skin with good-for-skin nutrients and a mild and safe plant-based formula. After a month, the results are just overwhelming. Here are my reviews over these 3 minimal game-changers.

STEP 1: Pepti-Cotton Cleanser

Cleansing foam is always my fave as it saves time for lathering and there is always abundant creamy foam to cleanse my face thoroughly. The main ingredients of this cleansing foam are Cotton Fruit Water and Betaine, formulated with delicate lather. Use fingers to put it on whilst massaging your whole face, then rinse it off. It leaves your skin supple yet moisturised without a stripping feel, making it the cleanser I surely stock up before being used up!


STEP 2: Pepti-Cotton Ampoule Essence

After Cleanser, you can press 2 - 3 pumps of Pepti-Cotton Ampoule Essence and massage your face gently, even around the eye-area, so convenient! Aside from Cotton Fruit Water, it is loaded with anti-aging and brightening peptides. Featuring a weightless texture, this transparent serum leaves skin feeling hydrated yet smooth and it takes no time for soaking up at all. I don’t feel dry after using it but it is moisturised.


STEP 3: Pepti-Cotton Cream

After Essence, you can finish your skincare routine with Pepsi-Cotton Cream by gently massaging it on the face and eye area. It doubles up the hydrating and anti-aging results with Cotton Fruit Water and anti-aging peptides. It delivers a long-term hydration without a greasy feel though it is rich and smooth. I have tried so many moisturizers but most of them can’t live with me over the years except this one. It is the holy grail in any season! What’s more? A clinical test proves that the moisturising level is increased from 0% to 210.36% with 24-hour moisturization!




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