The New Korean Vegan Skincare Brand, Perfect During Pregnancy: Menokin

Long before being a mom, we loved to use those buzzing skincare products or follow the new beauty trends, even snagged some unsuitable products home just because of the idol influence. However, once we started to nurture a new life in our womb, we should not act without consequences as every single decision will be related to our baby too. That’s why every mom-to-be should take an extra care when choosing beauty products - reading the ingredient list as well as the philosophy of the beauty brand.

During your stage of pregnancy, hormones change will weaken your skin, some moms-to-be may have breakouts, acnes or fine lines appearing on face. Do not use any skin products with alcohol, synthetic colourings or fragrance during pregnancy and breastfeeding but to choose natural, organic beauty products. You can also take a look at the background story of the brand to ensure everything you put on face will not harm the health of both of you and baby.

Since I always keep an eye to Korean beauty trend, I recently discovered a vegan beauty brand which is perfect for pregnant women, sensitive and eczema skin - Menokin. Though I am not yet lucky to be a mom, I suffer from sensitive skin and redness for long. I feel so moisturised without any burdens after trial, this is why I wrote this article to share to all of you!

Minimal Philosophy of Menokin

What surprises me most is that there are only 3 products in this brand! My previous usual skincare routine started from cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, moisturiser, eye cream etc but it totally enlightened me! My skin is well-treated by this TRIO!

The minimal range of Menokin includes Pepti-Cotton Cleanser, Pepti-Cotton Ampoule Essence and Pepti-Cotton Cream. With the help of these 3 teammates, they already serve up moisturising, firming and brightening purposes! “Less is more” is not only for mom-to-be but all busy beauties too!

MENO = Reduced, Less

Menokin is a compound word of ‘Meno’ and “Skincare”. “Meno” means “reduced, less” in Korean language. Menokin strictly selects the ingredients, only mild and safe pure plant extracts will be included, not only can it reduce the unnecessary substances and retain the those essential ones, it also promotes the minimal skincare routines, allowing the high performance ingredients to be absorbed deep into skin.

Founded from a woman’s angle

MENOKIN was created during pregnancy by the founder, who has been working for vegan brands for over 10 years. She knew wholeheartedly what skincare products a mom-to-be needed during her pregnancy stage. She also wished that every breastfeeding moms can choose an effective beauty product worry-free to pamper their skin and health, reminding them to love themselves even after giving birth.

Eco-friendly designed 

Outlooking is always my concern. Menokin’s minimal packaging is definitely my cup of tea. Neutral pink and transparent design looks so opulent that even the word format is so aesthetically crafted. If you are a fan of minimalism, you will fall in love with it too, promise! Above that all, all packagings are made of natural materials and recycled PP, minimising the waste of energy. Starting from your skin to our earth, it brings no burden at all. 

Vegan beauty for pregnancy and sensitive skin STEP 1: Pepti-Cotton Cleanser

Main ingredients of this cleanser are Cotton Fruit Water and Betaine, as expected, super minimal! First wet your face with warm water, then press 2 - 3 pumps of foam and massage it on face gently, then rinse it off with warm water. The Cotton Fruit Water is first hand-picked then boiled and extracted at a proper temperature. After several times of filtration and aging, the Cotton Fruit Water serves up long-term and deep moisturisation. Its foam is ultra-fine so reduces the rubbing with face whilst buffing away the sebum and dirt without stripping feeling. Your skin feels fresh yet clean right away.


Vegan beauty for pregnancy and sensitive skin STEP 2: Pepti-Cotton Ampoule Essence 

After Cleanser, you can press 2 - 3 pumps of Pepti-Cotton Ampoule Essence and massage on face gently. Same as Cleanser, it is infused with the potent moisturising agent Cotton Fruit Water together with anti-aging peptides. In clinical trials, 20 participants after 8-week use showed that it effectively brightened skin tone and reduced pigmentation. Aside from brightening, it also helps to prevent dark spots, improve elasticity and luminosity.


Vegan beauty for pregnancy and sensitive skin STEP 3: Pepti-Cotton Cream

After Essence, press 1 -2 pumps of Pepsi-Cotton Cream and gently massage on face. The Cream is the last step of beauty routine. The Essence is more watery while the Cream is richer, mainly for building a natural protective barrier for skin to against any external damage. This cream is easy to soak up with high penetration power. It helps to combat aging, improve elasticity and maintain the supple, hydrated skin in one go.




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