The essential oil that heals your body and soul: Master Ruth

Essential oils and aromatherapy have wafted into the spotlight in recent years as the essential oils deliver us a positive impact both physically and mentally, not to mention their different applications. A premium grade essential oils can cost a lot but before shopping, do not only look for cheap and low-quality ones, otherwise you may regret.

Ahead is my pick about a local, high-quality essential brand that you can use it worry-free - Master Ruth.

The founder of Master Ruth is Dr. Ruth who has practiced in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She is an advocate of natural therapy and specialised in women herbal and acupuncture treatments, including fertility, anti-aging treatments, weight management and joint pains of all kinds. Being an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner, she combined the healing properties of Chinese herbal medicine with the ancient Chinese Theory of Five Elements to develop and create this food-grade five-element essential oil set for beauty and skincare as well as simple healing and cooking therapy etc., allowing everyone to
experience the powerful repairing energy from our nature.

Master Ruth 's five elements essential oils correspond to the Theory of Five Elements - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. It is produced in France with rigorous professional technology and 100% natural, organic and additive-free, making it a premium organic essential oil brand in Hong Kong.

Master Ruth 5 - Elements Cinnamomum Camphora Essential Oil Metal | Food grade, activate the immune system and prevent winter respiratory infections

Metal in the Five Elements corresponds to lungs, managing our respiratory and immune systems. The Master Ruth Cinnamomum Camphora Essential Oil carries natural and potent antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system and helps to fight against winter respiratory infections. It sis often used on herpes, colds, cough, rhinitis and sore throat, and much more.


Master Ruth 5-Elements Citrus Reticulata Blanco Essential Oil Wood | Food grade, anti-depressant, promote digestion, liver detoxification

Wood in the Five Elements corresponds to our liver system, regulates Qi whilst managing our emotional health. Master Ruth Citrus Reticulata Blanco Essential Oil serves up destress, anti-depression, digestion and liver detoxification.


Master Ruth 5-Elements Pelargonium Essential Oil Water | Food grade, improve blood circulation and skin’s oil balance

Water in the Five Elements corresponds to our kidney system which plays an important role in reproduction and cell regeneration, helping to regulate fluid metabolism and prolong life span. Master Ruth Pelargonium Essential Oil is an excellent antioxidant, painkiller and hemostatic agent, which helps to treat hormonal imbalance and menstrual syndrome, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, not to mention maintaining the oil balance of skin and stimulating cell reproduction.


Master Ruth 5-Elements Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil Fire | Food grade, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, lowering blood pressure

The Fire in the Five Elements helps to improve the microcirculation of human body and relax your body and mind. Master Ruth Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil works as calming, anti-depressant, painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, deodorant, diuretic, lowering blood pressure etc.


Master Ruth 5-Elements Ocumum Basilicum Essential Oil Earth | Good grade, prevent abdominal bloating, relieve menstrual pain, migraine and intestinal cramps

The Earth in the Five Elements supports our digestive system of spleen and stomach, promoting digestion, absorption and muscle relaxation. Master Ruth Ocumum Basilicum Essential Oil is known for its antispasmodic properties which can prevent bloating and pantothenic acid, relieve menstrual pain, migraines and intestinal cramps whilst combating muscle fatigue and improving vitality.


Master Ruth 5-Elements Essential Oil Set | Food grade

Master Ruth 5-Elements Essential Oil Set is curated with 5 pure essential oils (EO) 5ml, resonating to the Five Elements energy. All of them are 100% pure natural and extracted from the organic herbs with the highest distillation standard in France.

Metal element: Regulates breathing and strengthens immunity of lung system.
Wood element: Regulates Qi, controls emotional health and detoxifies the liver.
Water element: Associated with the kidney system which plays an important role in fertility and reproduction, promotes longevity and regulates fluid metabolism.
Fire element: Enhances blood circulation and helps to relax the body and mind.
Earth element: Manages the digestive system of spleen stomach whilst alleviating menstrual pain and migraine etc.


Master Ruth Aroma Nebulizer

Master Ruth Aroma Nebulizer serves up physical and emotional healing effects. Not much
extra essential oil is needed during diffusion process. It has a high diffusion ability with
easy operation, making it a perfect addition to your home or office.


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