Marina Miracle - A Vegan, Cruelty-free Nordic Skincare Brand You Have to Know in 2022!

Though I don’t struggle with eczema, I do suffer from breakouts and rosacea a lot! Not to mention my sensitive skin, it makes me a difficult task to find suitable skincare products as many most are irritated if they come along with high efficacy. I recently have tried a Norwegian beauty brand Marina Miracle which has won many prestigious awards including Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, Who’s who in Green Beauty Scandinavia 2018, Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019 Finalist etc! 

The brand founder was born with atopic eczema and struggled a lot with acnes, by then she found that most synthetic ingredients in skincare products are irritated, leading to a more unstable skin condition - that’s the story why she founded Marina Miracle. The complex formula of products are featured with a range of natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free skin care products with dermatological tests, blended with the unique probiotics and 12 different microbiome to strengthen, improve and balance skin.


Face Toner and Mist - Flower Berry Essence - balancing pH value

This essence mist catches my eye among all other products! At first, I just planned to see how the moisturising power goes and treat it as a normal hydrating mist. But after trial, I found its mist ultra-fine like a lightweight mist covering my skin and it is soaked up in no time, unlike others spraying droplet-like mist. It smells differently as well because it is blended with probiotic ferment and natural botanical extracts including cucumber, geranium, elderflower etc.

I used it as toner after face wash and after 1 week, my acnes and breakouts are improved obviously. Bonus, putting on makeup is much easier now. This is because it helps balance the pH value of skin whilst serving up moisturization and soothing, leaving a healthier skin. The stunning result is simply out of my expectation!


Face Cream - Acai Hydra Cream - moisturising and hydrating

Aside from this Face Toner and Mist, there are two more award-winning products that deserve your try! Face Cream - Acai Hydra Cream is infused with 70% probiotics, combining with good-for-your-skin ingredients such as acai oil, argan oil, probiotic ferment from acai berry etc. Its soft, weightless texture is perfect for Summer to restore the oil balance of skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated.


Face Oil - Herbal Face Oil - sooting skin problems

Supercharged with high quality jojoba oil, tea tree oil, raspberry and aloe vera, this herbal face oil won’t cause clogging pores, suitable for acne-prone skin too. If you have eczema, rosacea, sensitive or flaking skin, I suggest you mixing 2 pumps of Face Cream with 1 -2 droplets of Herbal Face Oil, it will double up the moisturising effect!



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