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Skin problems keep popping up when I age, not only the wrinkles but also sagging skin, dark circles and under-eye bags. Though we cannot turn the clock, in the 21st century, we can however use technological beauty devices to slow down aging and do our best to keep our youthful appearance last. 


To combat with the aging problems, I reckon that we should add the at-home beauty devices into the daily skincare routine for more effective result. I have tried the Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift for 2 months already and my face contour now looks firmer without puffiness anymore. Featured with three interchangeable treatment heads, this gadget helps massage the face muscles, eye area and brighten up skin that effectively reduces wrinkles, lightens dark circles, reduces eye bags and whitens skin tone.


Swiss Design

Swiss design has been well known for its luxury, high quality. Their local brand Lifetrons Switzerland is the top-rated beauty and travel brand specializing in beauty and personal care solutions, and is even recommended by dermatologists. What makes me feel good is that their revolutionary beauty electronics have even been certified by FDA for safety use.


This Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift is featured with three 316 Medical graded stainless steel treatment heads that you can change them to craft your skin needs. Designed in Switzerland, the ergonomic handheld is so user-friendly that you won’t feel not comfortable after 15-min massage.


The design motto of Lifetrons Switzerland is portable and easy to carry, so you can improve your skin anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift is featured with USB power to recharge it anywhere so to give your face an energy boost too!


Microcurrent & Microvibration Technology

This Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift is incorporated with scientifically proven Microcurrent technology. By stimulating the horn cells in our epidermis, it can promote the epidermal cells growth, resulting in elastic yet smooth skin.


In meanwhile, its microvibration function features 2million times vibration per minute to help induce the potent ingredients of skincare products deep into skin where they’re more effective, plus it can help soothe the facial and eye muscle fatigue.


Face Lift-up Massage

Step 1: Apply skin care product around face contour

Step 2: Press “Power” button, “L” is the lowest intensity while “H” means strongest. You can adjust it according to your needs.

Step 3: Massage your face from chin to cheek to shape facial contour and improve puffiness. Remember this direction but not vice versa or it will create fine lines, thereby make skin more sagging.

Step 4: Each time for 15 minutes. Press the button at the back of device to release and change massage head. 


Eye Massage

Step 1: Apply eye serum or cream around eye area.

Step 2: Change the eye treatment head and press  “Power” button, then choose the intensity to fit your needs.

Step 3: Massage your eye area in circle, including under-eye bags and eye brows. The massage head is with cooling effect which pampers your skin. I feel like my eye fatigue is relieved and it helps lighten my dark circles, thanks to its blood circulation promotion.

Step 4: Each time for 15 minutes. Press the button at the back of device to release and change massage head.


Red Phonton Whitening

Step 1: After installing the Red Phonton Whitening head, press “Power” button.

Step 2: The intensity of photon light is already set, so you just need to touch the face with the massage head for 5 to 10 minutes. Turn off the device before removing the treatment head and place it properly. This beauty gadget will be given a complimentary eye mask for this red phonton whitening treatment.


Red photon light is effective in promoting facial elasticity, blood circulation, lightening melanin and reducing black spots and blemishes on skin - a perfect treatment for every woman as it can tackle your skin problems in one go! I usually use it once to twice a week and I found my skin tone becomes more even and brightened after one month use.


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