The Best Anti-aging At-home Beauty Device to Turn Back Time

When the pandemics are sweeping the globe, you can’t foresee when the cosmetic centers and dermatology clinics will reopen again, so it’s almost impossible that you can do the in-spa treatments regularly just like the good old days. However, our beauty pursuit can’t just stop even there are beauty salon closures. Thus, from the West to the East, home-use beauty devices see a lockdown boom and become everybody’s go-to beauty tools! Having more than 1 beauty gadget at home is just the new norm!

There is a wide range of at-home beauty devices such as facial brushes, RF devices & ionic infusers, but I would recommend you to stock up the beauty tech which targets anti-aging as wrinkles, dark spots and under-eye bags are the first to reveal signs of aging. Since age is our common secret but these signs just help you do the talking. So, anti-aging beauty device is your must-have staple amidst the pandemics!

Swiss High-Tech Beauty Brand

When we talk about Switzerland, what comes to your mind? Skiing in Jungfrau Region? Train Tour? Cheese hotpot or “Swiss candy”? Actually Switzerland is also famous for the groundbreaking technology and design, their local brand Lifetrons Switzerland is the top-rated beauty and travel brand specializing in beauty and personal care solutions. Their revolutionary beauty electronics have even been certified by FDA for safety use.

All their at-home luxury beauty tools are produced in hometown Switzerland and delivered directly to Hong Kong’s beauty online shops, so you can just sit back and wait for the doorbell.

Global Development

Founded from 2005, you can purchase the beautytronics of Lifetrons Switzerland from 130 airline companies and 220 duty-free shops, of course the big malls, chained-stores and beauty salons too! Its business is expanded across the globe and their award winning beauty devices gain so much reputation as well.


Recognized internationally, Lifetrons Switzerland has received the awards from the renowned German Red Dot Design Award for 7 consecutive years between 2009 to 2015 whilst from 2012 to 2015, it also received iF Product Design Award for 4 years, in which it got the Gold Award in 2021. With this high performance resume, you will know that Lifetrons Switzerland is the world-famous brand for the innovative design and high quality.

Lifetrons Eye Rejuvenator 

Kicking away dark circles, crows feet and eye bags is the key to be the head-turner. You will look younger if you have bright and mesmerising eyes. For resolving different eye concerns, Lifetrons Eye Rejuvenator serves up anti-wrinkles, lightening dark circles and reducing under-eye bags. You can first apply your eye serum or cream before using the gadget to promote the potent ingredients absorption.

The feature of Lifetrons Switzerland’s design is user-friendly and portable, so you can soothe your skin problems anytime, anywhere. I like keeping it in my bag, then I can treat my delicate eye areas and assuage the eyes fatigue if I have to work over time. This life game-changer keeps my eyes looking nice and bright even I have worked till the midnight!

Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift With Microcurrents & Light Therapy

The mission of Lifetrons Switzerland is to help women improve and revive their skin elasticity whilst slowing down aging, so their skin can stay youthful and rejuvenated. Their innovative yet professional products are even recommended by global renowned dermatologists. My all time favourite is this Lifetrons Ultra Facial Lift With Microcurrents & Light Therapy which helps to reduce wrinkles, lighten dark circles, reduce under-eye bags and brighten our skin tone etc, acting as an all-rounded, versatile beauty tech. I will first slather on my own skincare products in prior to it, then go for a massage. Use it once every two days, you will receive the nearly pro-grade results to combat the pandemics.

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