Treat Your Hair Loss with Lavacqua Volcanic Water

Postpartum hair loss is very common among new moms and yes, I am one of them. Though it usually lasts for a few months after giving birth, it is really overwhelming when seeing that much hair shedded during hair wash.  As a beauty editor, I have been searching for different ways to treat this problem while seeking for natural hair care is my goal - because of my sensitive skin. Then one day, my friend has suggested me using the Lavacqua Final Rinse Volcanic Water. Featured with natural ingredients, it is not only user-friendly but also wallet-friendly as it only costs a few hundreds. So? It’s no-brainier to snag it home!

And, it surprised me when I started researching about this American brand Lavacqua. Their R&D team discovered that the cistern next to volcano harnesses a range of natural minerals that are beneficial to hair, including Iron, Selenium, Copper and Zinc that leave hair shining, radiant and elastic. Thus, the team has looked for the volcanic water at the most active and biggest volcano in Europe - the Mount Etna in Italy, and use it as the main ingredient of Lavacqua Final Rinse Volcanic Water.

Benefits of minerals found in volcanic water

Iron: Iron deficiency will cause hair fall, so the iron from volcanic water helps prevent hair loss whilst promoting the oxygen and nutrients flow to hair roots and scalp, improving the overall hair condition. 

Copper: It plays a vital role in producing melanin and so helps prevent gray hair. 

Zinc: It is crucial of hair health, the abundant zinc ensures the health cell growth and so healthy hair. A serious zinc deficiency will slow down the hair growth process, resulting to hair loss. 

Selenium: It maintains the hair health whilst improving the common hair problems such as split ends.



Lavacqua Final Rinse Volcanic Water, made in Canada

The USA Haircare brand Lavacqua Final Rinse is made in Canada for its well-known nature. In addition to the mineral-rich volcanic water, the R&D team has formulated a blend of botanical elements, including thyme, coltsfoot, yarrow, birchbark, horsetail, nettle, rosemary, peppermint, lavender and  honey to help clarify the scalp and hair, remove the purities left on hair and condition the locks whilst improving scalp problems like acnes and hair loss etc, leading to an overall hair health from roots and sleek yet smooth manes.

Its watery texture feels so weightless like facial toner, so it won’t leave a burden to scalp and hair. Plus, it is so user friendly. Towel-dry your hair after hair wash, then add a spritz of Final Rinse Volcanic Water onto damp scalp and massage it with fingers to soak it up. The leave-in formula is so convenient that you can blow dry the hair or leave it dry naturally. Thus, if you like washing hair every morning, you can still set your hairstyle after using the Final Rinse Volcanic Water, so convenient! You will find your hair loss problem is soothed after using it for a month, not to mention its detangling benefit. Highly recommended!


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