The Eco-conscious Skincare Brand You Should Know in 2022

Cotton rounds and swabs are the daily skincare essentials of every woman. We wet the cotton round with toner and swipe away the grime and dirts on skin or use it as an instant SOS moisture mask for extra hydration. From makeup, touch-up to makeup removal, cotton swabs help to finish the jobs with no fuss. However, most of the cotton rounds and swabs in market are single-use products. Though they are hygienic, they will bring our planet a long-term burden and also adverse influence to our next generation. 

As an enthusiastic explorer, I just discovered a new start-up from Denmark - LastObject. It has launched a ground-breaking reusable cotton rounds and swabs. Since the crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2018, it has already transformed 10tons of ocean-bound plastic to their own products, giving back to the environment! So, starting from today, let’s work towards a sustainable future together. Pursue your own beauty whilst restoring the beauty of our planet too!

Danish-designed environmental-friendly products


The R&D team of LastObejcts is from Denmark and the founder Isabel Aagaard is a designer whom is eco-conscious to nature. Frustrated by all of the single-use products out there, she decided to design innovative yet reusable solutions and hoped to eliminate the plastic pollution in seas and landfills, allowing the people to live in a better future.

All products of LastObjects are designed and prototyped in Copenhagen Denmark, and have earned a lot of international rewards including Berlin Design Award, SDG Awards, Muse Design Awards and A'Design Award & Competition etc. I particularly love its macaron designs and packages which can be used as the on-trend accessories!

One LastObjects LastSwab VS 1000 single-use cotton swabs


We have used up 500billions single-use cotton swabs per year on average but by one LastObjects LastSwab, it can replace 1000 of them. Having said that, when you buy one LastSwab, you have already brought a huge change to our planet at the same time.

Apart from LastSwab, all products from LastObject have been tested to last over 1.000 times each. Not only durability, LastObject also concerns about the materials. From design to production, it always chose to use organic and environmental friendly materials. For instance, 85% of the cottons used are certified organic while 35% of materials used are recycled. Not all environmental friendly products are expensive, the products of LastObjects cost $100 each on average, equivalent to 2 cups of coffee and you can protect our earth by saving 1000 single-use cotton swabs. How can you say no to this?

Recycling plastics to new products


Plastics do not only affect the environment but also the food chain. Since they are light in weight and easily been blown away by wind, they always appear to be rubbish that pollutes our planet. Moreover, they may be blown to the oceans that the birds, fish and mammals might treat them as food. Result? It will affect the food chain and eventually, we, the humans suffer.

Setting the goal to improve our ecosystem, LastObject has so many achievements, including avoiding 1650 tons of carbon ending up in our atmosphere, removing 60 tons of plastic with Plastic for Change and using 10 tons of ocean-bound plastic in their own products etc.

LastObject LastSwab Basic


As the first product of LastObject, it is a reusable cotton swab made by PP & TPE. The quality case is made of Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic which you can store it in your bath room or bring on staycations!

Basically, it is used for cleaning ears. The tips are with corrugated design to help remove the dirts in ears easily. Bonus is the soft end design can be used as ear massage too! 

LastObject LastSwab Beauty


There is an alternative for beauty purpose. This makeup cotton swab is designed with two ends - pointed and rounded tips. Perfect for precision makeup touch-ups like eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipgloss, making it the must-have essential in every girl’s makeup pouch!

Both versions of LastSwab can be cleaned using soap and water and can be reused up to 1,000 times. It is just a simple move to say no to plastics in your daily life!


LastObject LastRound


You may not need a cotton round to do makeup touch-ups if you are a makeup guru but you might use it for skincare purpose everyday too, right? This LastObject LastRound can be used for both skincare or makeup removal or even exfoliating and deep-cleansing. Simply wet it with lotion or water, it will be softened and can be used the same way as other cotton rounds.

Do you know that making one single-use cotton round has used up 10L of clean water? If you use it twice everyday, you have already wasted 20L drinkable water. One LastRound is equal to 1750 pieces of single-use cotton rounds, meaning that you have saved so much water. In addition, it is made of 70% wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers without any additional chemicals, preventing the damage to both skin and environment.




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