How Can Aromatherapy Relax Your Soul in Pandemics?

Amidst the pandemics, many may feel pessimistic about their future, be afraid of contracting the virus or worry about losing their jobs in the economic downturn. In addition to the social distancing policy, people stay home more without stepping out of their doors, resulting to a more stressed life. Therefore, you may have seen some social media or advertisement often mentioning about “physical and mental health”. Indeed, there are many ways to maintain your physical and mental health, such as yoga, meditation, gems, therapeutic classes etc, or through self-care products namely essential oils, aroma diffusers, massage oil, bath salts etc. All of these remedies are allowing you to enjoy your me-time and relax your both body and soul. So, today let’s get to know Khemist from Australia. Aside from its cult-favourite essential oils, it also launches a wide range of at-home products like natural diffusers and aroma humidifiers to support your physical and mental health. 

Khemist specialises in holistic wellness which is a comprehensive approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit of an individual. These three ares are not separated but intertwined, so either one of them has problem, it will then affect the health and balance of one self as well. Therefore, the Khemist has been developing a variety of wellness & beauty products over the past 30 years, offering the public the affordable products with highest quality of raw materials. All their products are imported from Australia directly and even used by HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and earned the 5-star award by Choice Month Magazine published by Consumer Council. Quality is guaranteed! 


Relax your body and soul with Khemist natural essential oils

By extracting various single oils and blends from natural organic plants, Khemist endeavours to boost up the public spiritual health through aromatherapy. If you are new to essential oils and not sure what singles and blends are, you come to the right place. In short, single oils are pure and single-sourced whilst blended oils are diluted and mixed that several single essential oils might have been combined with each other.


The top-rated Khemist oils are featured with a wide range of scents and benefits, for instance lavender, sage, Ylang Ylang etc. There are different ways to use the oils, from diffuser, bath or inhale it directly. I have tried using the Khemist blends before and you may read my recommendations and tips on choosing oils via the links below!






Promote your mental health by Khemist Diffuser

Aroma diffuser is always the best partner of essential oils. Aside from a wardrobe of singles and blends with different scents, Khemist has launched various aroma diffusers as well. Pick one to suit your needs now!







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