6 Ways to Cope With Anxiety - A Lesson From Kendall Jenner

Supermodels are not only living in a worry-free life of luxury with all the instagram-able poses on social media but are struggling from various pressures behind their glamorous exterior as well. The internationally renowned runway regular Kendall Jenner has been struggling from mental health issues, from depression, anxiety to panic attacks and sleep paralysis over the time.

She recently opened up about her struggles to overcome the social depression problems on her social media, and claimed that she is no long bothered by this mental issue anymore. She then detailed about some useful ways to let her start off a new day with a calmer, positive mindset whilst enjoying her space and alone time. If you are suffering from stress issue, you can check out her go-to ways to cope with anxiety and relieve your stress too!

#1 way to cope with anxiety: 10 deep inhales/exhales

Kendall said she would have 10 deep inhales and exhales before touching her phone every morning after wakeup. You may think breathing is nothing at all but this is highly recommended by Japanese DanTian Breathing Association and American medical journals. Rhythmic breathing helps one to calm, relax and clear up your mind. You just need to breathe in air with nose then exhale from mouth, repeat 10 times, as simple as that. 

Keep it as a daily habit to undergo a deep, quality breath, it will help manage your emotion and calm your nerves. You can even mix with aroma oil during the breathing practice, such as oils from Aromatherapy Associates or Khemist. As long as you breathe with the essential oils, it will double up the relaxation effect.




#2 way to cope with anxiety: writing journal

Kendal loves keeping journal in her yard and recording her life and mood. If you don’t have time to write your journal in nature, try to write your feelings down at a place filled with sunlight, as if you are talking with your journal, this allows your emotion to release and calms your soul.

#3 way to cope with anxiety: write down all the things you are looking forward to

You can also learn from Kendall that writing down the things you are looking forward to today or this month. It lets you keep a positive vibe in life whilst hoping for future.

Listening to the nature sound like waves or instrumental music during writing helps relieve your stress too, leaving you a brand new day with positive mind.





#4 way to cope with anxiety: express gratitude 

Kendall knows well about gratitude, so she always reminds herself what she has every morning and treasures everything. This helps oneself to start off a day with more positive energy.

#5 way to cope with anxiety: take in the sun

Kendall loves soaking herself up under sun. Indeed, many researches reveal that sun helps overcome depression and promotes mental health and soul. It is easy to expose to sun, such as having a sunbath and music in the park in your neighbourhood, or meditate under sun, or simply do nothing but just standing to feel the sun warmth. 

However, remember to put on sunblock before expose yourself to sunlight. If you are en route to work or meet somebody, put on deodorant too to avoid any embarrassing moment or body smell.




#6 way to cope with anxiety: sip in tea with deep breath

We have already mentioned the benefits of deep breath but actually, Kendall drinks a cup of tea with deep breathing every morning too. Some teas serve up relaxation such as green tea and lavender tea, easing the tight nerves and mood.

If you are still WFH right now, you can work with tea and aromatic candles, helping you to ward off all the stress from work!





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