3 Benefits of Incense Sticks and Precautions

Incense sticks, one of the most popular aromatic products in Japan and Taiwan lately seem looking more sophisticated, comparing with traditional scented candle and diffuser. Date back to Song Dynasty, incense sticks were inserted in a hole of incense holder or simply lied on it, this is why it earned a nickname “Sleeping Incense”. The ancient Indians lit up incense for meditation as they believed that it helped clarify the atmosphere, so connecting them to Higher Self. The Japanese royal family loves using incense stick to appease their stress too, making it the holy grail for maintaining wellness. 

Thus, incense sticks have been perfect aromatic product to soothe your body and soul since the old days. While they get more popular in recent years, chic, modern girls have to understand more about the incense stick and all its precautions. 

Benefit #1: Clarify the ambience and atmosphere

When everyone around the globe is pursuing good vibes and good mood, incense sticks smell mild without pungent scent, serving up soul relaxation and destress purpose. Some believe that incense sticks help scavenge the negative energy and restore mental peace, allowing the following meditation and yoga practice more effectively to connect with the sacred power.

Sage works to clear the air. I suggest you to use the White Sage Campfire Incense from an American brand Juniper Ridge, indulging yourself into a peaceful mindfulness in busy life. Aside from its beneficial use, its macaron color design is so eye-catchy too, making it the perfect gift for housewarming or birthday celebration to your besties!


Benefit #2: Maintain wellness

The Japanese royal family has been using incense sticks for maintaining wellness for centuries, thanks to herbal medicinal ingredients which blend a range of original ingredients, delivering an effective aromatherapy.  The most common incense sticks for wellbeing are Agarwood and sandalwood. The former treats chest distress and cold stomach while the latter dispels coldness, relieves pain and regulates the gastrointestinal parts. If you have gastrointestinal discomfort, it is recommended to light up the incense sticks with agarwood and sandalwood. If you have any discomfort after burning, remember to consult your doctor.

Benefit #3: Improve concentration

I bet all workers working over-time crave for concentration improvement. If you want to pack your suitcase earlier, aside from sipping more cups of coffee, you can ignite an incense stick for invigoration too. Bonus? It helps improve concentration and boosts up your creativity. Thus, if you work for creative industry, grab some incense sticks home now! Since energy-boosting drinks are no good for skin, not suitable to drink everyday but intense sticks. Of course, pack your stuff and off work asap no matter how.




Cons of incense sticks: 

Some incense sticks contain chemical ingredients, so remember to choose those purely made of natural substances, ensuring the safety use for human body. Incense sticks with poor quality may produce Toluene during burning. It may cause skin allergy when inhaling a concentrated Toluene in a short period of time, when inhaling the smoke for long term may cause neurasthenic syndrome or menstrual disorders.

Apart from ingredients, you can choose those brands with quality. Ensure a good indoor air flow when burning incense sticks, preventing the ambience becoming too smoky. Moreover, pregnant women and babies should avoid breathing in the scents of incense sticks for long period of time, preventing the influence on future growth of babies.

Best pick brand #1: OMG from Japan

This SHHH X Chikuseiko by Kohchosai Kosuga Bamboo Charcoal Incense - Hinoki-scented is globally exclusive, featuring a pleasant scent of Hinoki. It uses 100% natural bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar and pure hinoki essence without any nasty chemicals., resulting in a smokeless burn without transfer and linger in air or clothes.

Traditionally crafted in Awaji-shima, Japan, the black, grey and golden package design is so stylish that is perfect for minimalist or sophisticated girls. This box contains 160 sticks, each with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes (depending on environment). Prefect choice for OLs!


Best pick brand #2: Juniper Ridge

This incense sticks from American brand Juniper Ridge is made of 100% natural ingredients. For instance, the Cedar Campfire Incense is extracted directly from the cedar’s pitch, the sap that drips down the tree trunks, resulting to a delightful cedar wood scent when smelling it directly. It is so wallet-friendly that only costs less than $100 for 20 sticks,, making it the best buy for newbies!



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