Spa-graded Body Care Brand: IDA WARG Beauty

Time has changed. We are more keen to choosing natural skincare products which pose
no harm to environment and animals, hoping to protect our planet with tiny help. How
about you? I want to share with you a Swedish body care brand IDA WARG Beauty which
is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Scroll down to see why makes it special and the best-

The Swedish body care brand IDA WARG Beauty was co-founded by the renowned
Swedish KOL Ida Warg and beauty dealer Letsfaceit Nordic AB in 2018 in Stockholm. As a
famous blogger and personal trainer in Sweden, Ida Warg is running one of the biggest
health and fitness websites - Bloglovin. She also has her own YouTube channel with more
than 220,000 subscribers in which all the videos are related to fitness and healthy diet to
promote a healthy lifestyle.

Being a modern beauty brand, IDA WARG Beauty specialises in health, good-quality and
modern beauty products. All products are manufactured in Scandinavian Peninsula which
are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and have passed the allergy test. Ranging from tanning products, haircare, skincare, makeup and body care products, it has everything that fits
different customers’ needs.

Supercharged with premium raw resources, its products are made with high efficacy and
effectiveness. Its unparalleled formula and pleasant scents allow you to enjoy a spa-
graded treatment without stepping out of your door.

IDA WARG Beauty Hair Care Collections

All hair care collections are blended with premium nourishing ingredients including shea
butter oil, Vitamin B5 and aloe vera etc to craft your needs. I would recommend you the
following hair care series:

Hair Care Collection 1: Plumping

It helps to add volume to your hair. Supercharged with Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins to add
and retain moisture from the hair root, while peptides rebuild damaged hair's inner
structure for a fuller look.



Hair Care Collection 2: Repair

The Repair Hair Mask is infused with algae extract for dry and damaged hair. It deeply
repairs and rebuilds hair with long-term protection whilst restoring hair's natural strength
and vitality.



Hair Care Collection 3: Moisture

Supercharged with beneficial coconut oil, it is perfect for rough, dry and lacklustre hair.



Hair Care Collection 4: Colour Protecting

It effectively repairs and protects damaged and coloured hair whist softening it without
causing limp hair. It can also let the colour stay longer while nourishing hair to provide a
natural shine.



Hair Care Collection 5: Pro Growth

It helps to prevent and reduce hair loss whilst stimulating hair growth to ease the scalp
inflammation. In addition to volumizing hair, it can nourish the hair shaft from root to end
whilst strengthening it, making it look fuller, more volumized and healthier.

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IDA WARG Beauty Body Care Collections

All body care collections are suitable to meet different needs. They all make good use of
hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and DayMoist CLR™, delivering a nourished yet luxury
experience to skin. Here are the 3 recommended body care collections:

Body Care Collection 1: Hydrating

Specialised to the skins quenching thirst. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and
DayMoist CLR™, it helps to provide deep moisture to skin. 



Body Care Collection 2: Intense Nutrition

Perfect for super-dry skin or those craving for rich and moisturised products. Formulated
with oat, canola and shea butters, these nourishing yet nutritious oils deeply hydrate (深屠
保濕?) the skin. On top of that, the range is enriched with flax flower extract which has a
soothing effect on the skin.



Body Care Collection 3: Vitalizing

Suitable to weary skin. Infused with invigorating cranberry extract and canola oil, it
brightens tired, dry and dull skin for a radiant glow.



>>>Learn more about IDA WARG Beauty products

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