How to Choose Anti-hair Loss & Hair Growth Shampoo to Treat Thin Hair?

The every step of your daily haircare routine - from shampoo, conditioner to hair mask and serum, could bring an impact to your scalp and hair shaft. If you don’t choose them wisely, you may suffer from serious hair loss. Who doesn’t want sleek and shiny locks? Set yourself up for thicker, fuller hair with the right daily routine. But, there are a variety of anti hair loss hair products in the market, which one should be added into cart? By picking suitable ones plus using a correct rinsing method, you will achieve a stronger scalp and healthier strands whilst minimising the chance of hair fall.

Method 1: Say no to hair products containing Dimethicone

Nowadays, most of the hair products claim that they are Dimethicone-free, so they are safe to use. However, if you have dry hair, you don’t need to follow suit. Since the end of your hair shaft lacks oil for protection, shampoo blended with Dimethicone can however build a coat on your locks that makes it sleeker and smoother whilst protecting the hair shaft from abrasive actions, meaning that, it prevents strands being tangled. That’s why if you have dry hair, you can actually pick it.

However, Dimethicone is a double-edged sword. If you have oily or normal hair, Dimethicone is responsible for blocking your follicles, which can eventually cause hair losing nutrients - meaning that your hair may fall. On top of that, it may leave your hair  feeling greasy over time, so we don’t recommend you to use it. 

Today, many natural haircare products are Dimethicone-free but serve up hair conditioning and growth functions, so you can read the ingredients label carefully before you shop them.


Method 2: Natural or TCM-infused haircare products

Most girls love hair-colouring but it’s definitely one of the most common causes of hair loss. As a beauty editor, I of course won’t give it up but I would choose natural or TCM-infused haircare products. Natural shampoo usually doesn’t consist of chemical ingredients such as foaming agent, artificial fragrance and synthetic colouring etc but is infused with natural ingredients such as botanical extracts and natural oil, namely coconut oil and shea butter etc to moisturise every single hair shaft. Chemical shampoo not only does it affect hair condition but also blocks follicles in which hinders hair growth. In addition, some women having sensitive skin may react to the chemical ingredients causing itchy scalp and inflammation, so a wise pick of haircare products is a must.

Apart from natural shampoo, those formulated with TCM ingredients such as black beans, ginseng, Chuanxiong and Fleeceflower root etc are proved to condition hair. After all, consuming anti-hair loss food is always the best but if you are too busy as a bee, using this kind of shampoo is a great alternative too!

Method 3: Anti-hair loss serum

If you already use the Dimethicone-free or natural shampoo but hair loss problem still annoys you, you can add the anti-hair loss serum into your haircare routine instead of intaking hair growth supplements only. As most of them are rich in Keratin which boasts to treat the cracks on hair cuticles whilst strengthening hair shaft. If the serum is in mist form, you can spray it on dry hair after hair wash then massage scalp gently for better absorption. If it is a form of lotion, you can slather it on damp hair then blow it dry, let the heat help nutrients penetrate better.


Method 4: Keep hair damp but not wet when applying hair conditioner

Every girl craves for Korean-styled volumised hair look. You can use curling wands and tongs to create this optical illusion or fundamentally grow it in your daily life. Hair stylist of both Korean stars Rachel Park and Eun Hye Park, Kim Hyo-suk suggested that hair conditioner should be slathered on damp hair but not hair dripping water. Since the water of hair will dilute the conditioning nutrients so to lower its nourishing power, so she pointed that wet hair can be dried a bit by twisting before applying conditioner.

Method 5: “2. 2. 2 Hair washing method” by Korean Dermatologist 

Most of the people may think that we should first wet hair then add shampoo and rinse it off, then apply conditioner and rinse again. However, a Korean dermatologist who has hereditary hair loss problem has invented “2.2.2 Hair wash method” and wash his hair twice a day. Result? His hair is volumised up! 

The key is here:

First, add water into shampoo and rub until foaming up then put it onto scalp and leave for 2mins. 
Second, rinse the scalp and hair for 2mins by warm water and ensure all dirt are washed off. 
Third, dry the hair and scalp with towel gently for 2mins without pulling hair.

If you are suffering from hair fall, try these hacks above and say hello to your fuller-looking hair from the roots to the ends again! 


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